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    Post  Ddustin97d on Mon Mar 23, 2015 12:55 am

    *Ben is standing backstage with Dustin*

    Ben: " ladies and gentlemen, I am here with Dustin, who last week lost his first match here in GWA"

    Dustin: " Hi Ben, How are ya?"

    Ben: " I'm great thanks for asking.. so Dustin how do you feel about last week?"

    Dustin: " Well Ben, To be honest.. I'm not surprised, there's always someone bigger and better... it was a good match and I'm fine with the out come.. I'll use it to improve myself and my career.. It wont slow me down. it won't affect my future matches.. if anything Ben, it'll help me better myself."

    Ben: " well, you have a match this week.. a tag match i believe.. Your thoughts?"

    Dustin:" Ben, ima do what i do every week. I'm going to go out to that ring and try my hardest to come out on top. I'm here to entertain and that's what im going to do.. it should be a good match."

    Dustin: " there's a lot of talent here and it's an honor to even be here. I'll keep giving 110% every week because at the end of the day. if those fans are happy. I've done what i was suppose to.."

    Ben:" Well, good luck out there tonight."

    Dustin:" Thanks Ben, I'm sure going to need it.."

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