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    Post  celticdragon87 on Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:59 pm

    The camera cuts to the boiler room, a bandaged up Justin Time is going through his warm up routine for his match tonight with Dustin. He spots the camera and walks over to it.

    JT: What do you want!? Can't you see I'm a little preoccupied at the minute, pardon the pun, but I don't have time for this right now!

    The camera man stands there still focussing his camera con him. He points out the bandages that are covering Justin's body.

    JT: What, these? I was assaulted by that crazy lunatic last week, a man that was supposed to have my back, T-Wolf. He crossed a line last week, he put his hands on a fellow member of Revolution.

    JT: It's not for me to deal with, its Zip's problem, however, this won't be the last you hear of this. If Zip doesn't deal with, I can promise you all this, sooner or later, I will!

    JT: However, right now, I have another pressing matter to deal with. I go one on one with Dustin for the Eclipse Championship.

    JT: This season has been a bust for me on a personal level, I had a chance, for the first time in my career to date, to fight for the Galactic Championship in the elimination chamber tonight, however, it just wasnt meant to be. Instead that punk Celtic Dragon is in it.

    JT: Good luck to him though, cause he won't be in it for long, not even the luck of the Irish will save him from the beating he will get from my boy Jack, sage and the most dominant champion of all time, Zip Logan! Revolution is walking out of that chamber, with the Galactic Championship, one way or another.

    JT: Tonight, is time for me to reflect and refocus on myself. After what has been a painfully disappointing season, can end with a flourish and high point- winning the Eclipse Championship!

    JT: Tonight, is the rebirth, a chance for me to get back where I belong, as a winner and a champion, with a title around my waist, where it will look damn good!

    JT: Tonight....a new era begins, the era of Justin Time! Sorry Dustin, theres no room for you in this new era!

    Justin ushers the camera man outside as he continues his warm up.

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