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    Tonight is the final night

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    Tonight is the final night Empty Tonight is the final night

    Post  Zip Logan on Fri Mar 27, 2015 6:25 am

    *The camera fades in from black, and it pans around the throne room of Zip Logan. It spies Zip standing, staring at the wall of trophies and photos from his accomplishments. He turns, and stares at the camera. The GWA Galactic Championship is seen strapped around his waist, under his trademark trench coat.*

    Zip: Tonight is the night that everyone in the GWA Universe, and GWA locker room has been waiting for. Tonight is the night of the 2nd ever Elimnation Chamber. We go into tonight, Into Infinity III, with the 6 best that the GWA have to offer. We have seen what all of us are capable of throughout the season. 6 of us enter the Chamber, but only one of us will exit the monsterous structure holding the GWA Galactic Championship held over his head. 3 members of Revolution versus 3 of the brightest stars that the GWA has to offer. Every man that is in the Chamber tonight, earned his way in there. All of us, except one, is a former Galactic Championship. The odds are definitely in Revolution's favor. It is almost guarenteed that Revolution, the Platinum Standard, will be walking out with the Galactic Title.

    *Zip steps away from the wall and starts towards his desk. He stops and picks up a piece of paper, and holds it towards the camera. He then crumples it up, pulls a lighter of his pocket, and lights it on fire. He then tosses it off screen and laughs.*

    Zip: [color:8dcd=blue0 That was the order list for tonight's Chamber match, now with it destroyed, no one, except I, knows the exact order that everyone is coming out. Everyone will just have to be suprised out there tonight. Now, let's go down the list of the combatants in tonight's Chamber match, shall we? [/color]

    *The camera flips from Zip's Throne room to a picture of Celtic Dragon, then back to the throne room.*

    Zip: First off, we have the youngster, Celtic Dragon. He is the third ever Grand Slam Champion, and one of the youngest Galactic Champions ever. He is one heck of a wrestler, and also a constant thorn in the side of Revolution. I will admit, I did really screw Celtic out of his title reign, but to be completely honest, he really didn't deserve to be Galactic Champion at that time. Now onto competitor no 2.

    *The camera flips to a picture of Carter Bilodeau, then back to Zip,*

    Zip: Now we have Carter Bilodeau, once known as Eternal Eclipse. Why in the nine god's name did he ever change his name, who knows, and honestly who cares. He is also a former Galactic Champion, but he is also the one who lost in the last Chamber match to myself before Revolution won the match. I am not worried one bit about Carter even being a threat in this match. He may have a new look on his career and even a new look period, but he is still the same old loser, and he will definitely still be a loser in the Chamber, tonight.

    *The camera flips then to a picture of Shawn Vincent then back to Zip.*

    Zip: Next we have the self-proclaimed Enforcer of the GWA, Shawn Vincent. Mr Vincent and I go way back, alot further than I care to remember at this time. Once upon a time, we were the greatest of friends, but now he is just another chump that thinks he deserves to be the Galactic Champion again. Now, don't get me wrong, Shawn is the first ever GWA Grand Slam Champion, a title which he did rightfully earn by finally winning the Galactic Championship, however, he quickly lost the title back to Revolution. And after the season he has had, I am definitely not worried about him.

    *The camera then flips to a picture of Sage, then back to Zip.*

    Zip: Now we have my old friend, and comprade, Sage. He is the only member of the Chamber tonight that has never held the Galactic Champiopnship. With him having the coveted 6th spot in tonight's match, he has the best chance of being the one to walk out of the Chamber tonight the eventual winner. Now I do like those odds, mainly because the Galactic championship will be staying in Revolution. I also proud of Sage for becoming a world wide ambassdor of the GWA, especially in Europe, and in Hollywood. I wish my friend the best of luck tonight.

    *The camera flips to a picture of Jack Ammo, then back to Zip*

    Zip: Now we have the one person that everyone has been talking about ever since his triumphant return from being kidnapped, Jack Ammo. He is also a fellow member of Revolution, a former Galactic Champion, and the winner of the first ever Elimnation Chamber. Last time Jack and I were in the Chamber together, i laid at his feet so he could pin me and retain the Galactic Championship. However, tonight, I do not expect him to lay at my feet, nor do I expect him to expect me to lay at his feet. Tonight, it is truly about every man for himself. The only goal Revolution has tonight is make damn sure that the GWA Galactic Title stay within it's ranks.

    *The camera then flips to a picture of Zip Logan, then back to the real Zip.*

    Zip: Now we come to the most important person in the Chamber match tonight, the current, reigning, defending, undisputed Galactic Champion, Zip Logan. Hey that's me! I am the first ever Galactic Champion. I am the first ever 3 time Galactic Champion. I am also the Sole Owner and General Manager of the Galactic Wrestling Alliance. I am the leader of the Platinum Standard in all of Professional wrestling. I am the standard bearer in this sport. I am the one that everyone in professional wrestling is measured against. I am the Alpha and Omega. No one in the GWA, or the rest of the world compares to me. There is a reason why I am the current Galactic Champion. I step into the Elimnation Chamber for the second time now, and I guarentee that I will be walking out of the Chamber still the Galactic Champion. I know and trust my Revolution brothers will do what is best for Revolution, and for the GWA. I may have the biggest ego, but by god, I have damn well earned it. I went thru alot of trouble in all of my time being here in the GWA to regain what was rightfully mine, the Galactic Title. Now enough about me, onto one last bit of business.

    *Zip steps away from his desk, towards the front door of his throne room. He opens the door, and slightly steps thru. He stops and turns to the camera.*

    Zip: Tonight marks a special night for the GWA, and all of Galactic City. Gentlemen, we shall be entering the Devil's playground in a matter of moments, and no one will ever be the same after we all leave in one shape or another. Carter, Shawn, Celtic, you three had better beware, because after Revolution is done with you three tonight, no one of you will ever want to be in the same ring, much less building as us again. Now get out of my face, and out of my throne room. i have a match to prepare for.

    *Zip steps fully through the door, and slams it shut as it fades to black.*

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