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    Post  Guest on Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:32 am

    *Camera fades into a dark and mysterious room where Seline and Corrupt talking to one another while a rocking chair is place behind the center of them.

    Seline: Please brother, think this through! Why do you need to fight him? That championship is just a trophy, it's just a piece of gold that this world started chaos for this in the first place. We are different from these people, that didn't matter to us as long as we stay and live together........with our mother.

    Corrupt: Thank you for your persuasion but this is more than that.

    Seline: Then what?

    Corrupt: Naven X still griefs over Carnage for his actions and I give him a promise that one day he will make the sense out of him. Besides that title was sealed, I put the liquefied gold unto our mother's urn.

    Seline: Sealed? Gold? Mother's urn? You didn't do that ritual, are you?


    Seline: Please not again.

    *Seline starts to cry

    Seline: That's where we loss our father in our life in the first place. Mother is gone and now you'll leave me alone for the rest of immortal life?

    Corrupt: Seline

    *Seline cries in grief

    Corrupt: Shhhh...... don't cry. Who's mommy's sweet little angel?

    *Corrupt comforts Seline as she started to calm down. Then he grabs a wooden box

    Corrupt: I have to Seline. For the sake of Naven and Carnage. Here just in case happens, use th-

    *Immediately shown a horrid face man with a loud creepy sound

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