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    Post  celticdragon87 on Thu Mar 19, 2015 5:37 pm

    The camera cuts to outside the boiler room, Zack Gunn is stood outside with a mic in hand. He ushers the camera man to follow him as he knocks on the door and enters. Visibility is low, as there is steam everywhere, Zack slowly makes his way further into the room, where we can just about make out a figure slightly further in.

    ???: That far enough, what do you want exactly!?

    Zack signals for the camera man to stop following him, his voice climbs a few octaves to a much higher pitch than normal.

    Zack: Is that y-you Justin!?

    The shadowy figure gets closer, little by little, until walking through the veil of steam revealing itself to in fact be Justin Time. He is shirtless and covered in sweat, looking like he has gone through quite an extensive work out. As the lens on the camera is steaming up, Justin grabs his towel and wipes it, he then ushers the two out of the door and follows them out into the hall way, draping the towel around his neck and shoulders.

    JT: What do you want, or are you just here to waste my precious time?

    Zack: Just looking for an interview is all, I'll make it quick.

    Justin looks bemused at him.

    JT: You will do anything for a bit of screen time it seems, I could do with a laugh, so shoot.

    Zack: Last week, in your match with Celtic Dragon, you took a fairly sick bump at the end, and several through the match, are you one hundred percent for your match tonight with T-Wolf against Rayne and Dustin?

    JT: I knew it, you are as dumb as you look. Lets set the facts straight, Celtic Dragon is a punk that just won the lotto, the only reason he won that match is because i took my attention off him for a split second, in the GWA, at the top, thats all it takes to lose. On any other night, I would have won. It's all hear say now, I'm moving on as I have bigger fish to fry.

    JT: As for being one hundred percent, no, I'm not, but no one ever is. Everyone who goes out into that ring, night after night, putting their bodies on the line, is going to pick up a few knocks here and there, if they aren't, then they are not giving it everything they have.

    Zack: What is going on with T-Wolf, and the recent changes we have seen in him?

    Justin smiles wryly.

    JT: As sage would say, old kibble head, has finally begun to see the light, he's embracing the fact that he is a member of the most dominant group of all time- Revolution, and is going back to his roots, the roots that earned him many of his old nicknames, such as the king of chaos. He's going back to his nature of hurting people, and quite frankly, I'm proud as punch that he has awakened from his slumber, as I didn't think his old [censored] had it in him anymore.

    JT: He had gotten soft in his old age, set in his ways, he made a persona for the cameras as the GM of GWA. Its taken a while, but now he realizes he doesn't have to play nice anymore- and I love it!

    JT: As for Rayne and Dustin, on one side you have the most dominant diva of all time, a woman that will go down in history, of that I am sure. On the other side of the fence she has been stuck with Dustin

    Justin begins to laugh.

    Zack: He is the Eclipse champion you know-

    JT: Soon to be former Eclipse Champion. As I was saying before you rudely interrupted me, Rayne is stuck teaming with a no body, T-Wolf has me. Quite frankly, I don't even think he needs me tonight, the old and improved T-Wolf is enough for both of them, but I'll be out there watching his back for him, it's what we in Revolution do!

    JT: Tonight is about sending messages, something that both T-Wolf and I are hell bent on doing, and in a weeks time, we will both get our just rewards!

    Justin Walks away from Zack and enters the boiler room, slamming the door shut before Zack could follow him.

    Zack: W-wait, I wasn't finished!

    The camera fades to black

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