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    crimson and clovers part II


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    crimson and clovers part II Empty crimson and clovers part II

    Post  T-Wolf on Wed Mar 18, 2015 10:32 pm

    The screen fades in on Ben walking onto the Olympic grounds here in Galactic City. He is looking around and finally see's Tiffany standing in the middle of ambassadors and corporation billionaire's. She stops laughing and pardons her self from the group and heads over to Ben.

    Tiffany= I am so sorry Ben I thought you got my message that I was going to have to cancel.

    Ben= No I didn't get any message. But while I am here maybe we can do that quick interview?

    Tiffany= Why, Not.

    Ben= As of late T-Wolf has gone to a very different place....

    Tiffany= Ben I am going to stop you right there. Me and T-Wolf are not speaking right now. Maybe you haven't heard were going through a divorce.

    Ben= No I have not heard that. Maybe that could explain his behavior as of late. and why he cant control his monster within.

    Tiffany= Ben, ever since Wolf lost the GWA and became Zip Logan's slave. He has been a changed man. I couldn't stand by any longer and be with him. I knew sooner or later he was going to go to that dark place with in himself. And as I have to watch out for my own interests, and the upcoming Winter Olympics in Galactic City. I had to do what was best for Galactic City and my self.

    Ben= That's a bit harsh isn't it? After all you are his wife?

    Tiffany= Yes and I do still cherish him very much. But we have gone seperate paths. Mine is towards the future of Galactic City. and his is as Revolution's slave.

    Ben= Do you know of any way to stop Wolf's beast side?

    Tiffany= Luckly I have never met that side of him. That was before we met. Now if you would excuse me Ben. I have bigger and better things ahead of me. So good luck with Wolf, and the GWA stuff.

    Tiffany walks away and back to the upper crust of Galactic City.

    Ben= Well she was our last real hope for saving the old Wolf.... Wait I am getting news... I am returning you back to the GWA arena where there is something happening backstage.

    The camera fades out and then back in on the backstage area of the GWA arena. A group of security guards are surrounding T-Wolf.

    Security Guard Leader= Ok Mr Wolf I have been ordered to contain you. And you need to calm down and come with us.

    T-Wolf's cloths are all ragged and torn. His hair is a mess and his eys are a deep red. He snarls and sneers as the security team gets closer. Just as they get with in striking distance. The lights begin to flicker like a strobe light. Security guards are thrown into walls, up into the air, down the hall ways and through glass windows. Finally the flickering of the lights stops and return to normal. The guards are all laid out all over the place and T-Wolf is gone. The tron goes dark and camera pans back to the announce table.

    Johnny= What a scene.

    Hanz= Wolf has gone completely out of control!

    Johnny= I am not sure who or what will be able to stop him!

    Hanz= Rayne will be able to stop him. After all she is the Queen of the Galaxy and the Current Inter Galactic Champion!

    Johnny= Yes she is. and she is defently going to have her hands full with T-Wolf. Especially as it seems he has lost everything and has nothing else to lose!

    Hanz= Yeah its sad that he is getting divorced and all.

    Johnny= Wait your not going to try and hit on Tiffany?

    Hanz= No, As a man who has been divorced twelve times. I know how T-Wolf feels. and from what I have seen in past weeks. I am not going to mess with T-Wolf's Ex wife. He may come looking for me next!

    Johnny= Sound advice. Wait twelve ex wives!

    Hanz= Yeah, Now I just keep my girlfriends in separate cities so they don't know about each other. I learned that trick from Sage!

    Johnny= Wait your taking advice from Sage?

    Hanz= Yeah that's why he is famous for his Sage Advice!

    Johnny= I really need to find a better announce partner.

    The scene fades out.

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