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    Interview with Jack Ammo Empty Interview with Jack Ammo

    Post  Jack Ammo on Sun Mar 15, 2015 2:50 pm

    The camera cuts into Revolution’s locker room. Jack Ammo is sitting across from Zack Gunn, who has notes in front of him. Jack is dressed in his most luxurious suit and a bottle of water at his feet. Zack has his offical GWA interviewer suit on, along with his headset. His notes are stationed in his lap and his water rests on the arm of his chair.

    Jack: Hey, Zack. Why did you ask for this interview?

    Zack: I didn’t ask for this interview, I think Zip set it up. I don't know why though, he didn't give me any basis for the interview.

    Jack: Well okay, let’s get on with it. I have a match to go shock the world to go prepare for.

    Zack shuffles through his notes and pulls out a paper from near the bottom. Jack takes a drink of his water during the wait.

    Zack: Okay Jack, the first week of this season you sent out a very ominous message out to the GWA locker room, and then last week you didn’t speak a single word, even though you showed up to wrestle.

    Jack rubs the tip of his chin then leans back in his chair. Zack takes a deep breath. Jack then leans forward and rests his elbows on his legs.

    Jack: I would have to say, I’ve been prepping mental for the battle I’m about to run head first into. The odds are stacked majorly in my favor. Sage entering sixth, I’m not entering first. The battle will be long and hard no matter what number I enter, but if you aren’t prepared for a brutal beating, you will not make it out of the chamber a champion, you’ll be carried out broken and battered.

    Zack: Do you care to elaborate on what you meant by there is a bigger game to be played?

    Jack: But, Zack, as someone who has known me so long, people would think that you’d know just by power of deduction. I don’t plan on just walking out with the Galactic Championship. I plan on walking out the greatest GWA superstar to ever step foot in that ring. I’m the only one with a chamber win, and I’m going to make it two. Two wins out of the only two matches. Another championship to add to my resume… another t…

    Zack: Jack, you are already one of the best superstars to ever compete in this business. Everyone knows that, and that fact alone would make some people hesitant to get into a fight with you. You have a knack for finding a way to win in big matches, even if it means you might be in danger yourself. You’ve done moves that you have physically risked your career to achieve. Not only in one match. You have done it against Defjam, Eternal Eclipse, and myself. But during week one, you decided to what some people would claim to be overkill to end the match.

    Jack: Some people live by the philosophy of eat or be eaten. This season, I’ve decided to eat my enemies. My opponent wasn’t ready. Even though I wasn’t the fastest, I made a statement about this season. The monster inside of me that hasn’t been unleashed in a long time will be rebirthed this season, ready to consume to souls of those who go against myself and Revolution.

    Zack: So the way you speak, you’re ready for the chamber?

    Jack: I think the real question is if this chamber is ready for me. I’ve survived the original, I’ve overcome my own twisted design of it, I think out of anyone in the chamber, I should be the most feared, this is my domain. A gazelle doesn’t go onto a tiger’s territory and expect to come out fine. A gazelle is hunted, and wants to flee, but there is no fleeing in an elimination chamber. It’s eat or be eaten, and I’m the tiger.

    Zack takes a drink of water, and Jack clears his throat. Zack then throws the top page of his notes off to the side and corrects his pile. Jack takes another drink.

    Zack: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

    Jack: Only one thing. Zip, Sage, you could be my best friends in the world. Holding back isn’t a personal style of mine. We might have a pact, we might work together, or we might ignore our brotherly bonds. But, when the clock strikes midnight on that bloody night, only one of us will stand over the fallen five. As a pupil of Sage and Zip, I only expect the best from you two, because Zip won’t be handing be the title this time.

    Zack: Speaking of handing you the title, you pride yourself on how you won the chamber, but didn’t Zip lay down for you?

    Jack: Yes, I won’t deny it. But that seems of overcast that Zip and I eliminated all 4 other opponents. We dominated, and that outcome was earned, this chamber, there will be no lying down until they draw their last breath. This chamber will be the most heartstopping, bone shattering, soul crushing match to ever be seen. You can only dream of what will be seen. That’s all I have to say about this.

    Jack stands up, straightens his suit and walks out, only to be seen mouthing something to Zack just before he completely disappears. It's ten seconds before Zack composes himself once more.

    Zack: Well that’s my exclusive interview with Jack Ammo himself.

    The camera fades to black with Zack writing things down on his notes.

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