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    Post  Zip Logan on Fri Mar 13, 2015 4:35 am

    *The Camera fades in from black, and it pans around a semi destroyed throne room. Zip Logan is shown standing, breathing heavily as he stares a pile a wood, that sits where his desk used to sit. He growls and turns towards the camera.*

    Zip: I must apologize for my silence last week. It is inexcusable for me, the GM and Sole Owner of the GWA to be silent, even for one week. I will not go into details of why I was silent, just know that it was for a very good reason. Now I must also apologize for the state of my throne room, but I am quite upset from the upset from last week when Carter and Vincent beat myself and Jack in the main event. They just happened to catch Jack and I on a bad day, and I swear to you that it will never happen again.

    *Zip straightens up, and takes a deep breath. He then smiles widely, and scoops up the GWA Galactic Title off of the floor. He straps it around his waist, then looks right into the camera.*

    Zip: Now this week's show is a jam-packed one. First we have Chris "Action" Jackson Vs Cornelius T Rupert Jr, then Chris Darth Vs Paul North. Following that we have Dustin Slone Vs Executioner of Anarchy, then myself, Zip Logan Vs Triggers Jr, because I feel like I deserve an easy week. Then we have Rayne Vs Inferno Blaze, and T-Wolf Vs Sir Smeagol. Next we have the 3 match in the best of 5 series, which is a Hardcore match between Carnage & Corrupt. Then we have an grudge match with Justin Time Vs Celtic Dragon, and the Main Event, Sage & Jack Ammo Vs Shawn Vincent & Carter Bilodeau. So it is a packed card tonight for everyone. I do hope everyone enjoys the show. Remember the GWA is sponsored by The Alpha and Omega, and Revolution. Everyone Enjoy the evening!

    *Zip turns towards the front door of his throne room, opens it, and steps outside. He then smiles at the camera as he slams the door shut. The Camera fades to black, then the GWA logo appears, with Now, Then and Forever appearing next to it before exploding into a ball of flame.*

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