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    Post  T-Wolf on Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:51 am

    The light’s in the arena go low and change to green. Smoke begins to pour out of the entrance and fill the arena. Metalica's " Of Wolf And Man" begins to play over the arena speakers. The crowd rises to there feet and begins to chant T-Wolf over and over. A thunderous explosion of Green and Silver pyrotechnics begins to shoot up all over the entranceway. T-Wolf stands at the base of the entrance were he throws up his arms out straight and looks down toward the ramp and into the ring with an upset grin on his face. T-Wolf slowly walks down the ramp as more pyrotechnics shoot down on both sides of the ramp and stop at the ring. He walks over to a lucky kid in the front row and gives him his sunglasses. Then he turns and slides into the ring and stands in the middle. T-Wolf bows his head and lightning strikes the four corner posts. The music stops as T-Wolf puts a microphone up to his mouth.

    T-Wolf: Ladies And Gentelmen.... Fans of everything Extreme and Galactic...

    The Fans begin to pop louder and louder.

    T-Wolf: Your……….. Well I guess I am not really the Inter Galactic Champion any more and as of the start of this show, I am no longer the Eclipse champion either….. So… I guess its back to being just the one and only, King Of Chaos, The Man the Myth the first true legend in GWA. T-Wolf is here!

    The Fans start chanting T-Wolf.... T-Wolf..... T-Wolf........

    [color=green]T-Wolf: So Lets get right down to the nitty gritty shall we! I lost at the ppv to a fine athlete named Rayne. But I walked out the Eclipse Champion. Not a bad title to have. But not the one I entered into the night with. But Since I have a loop hole in my contract from back in the day when I lost a wager to Inferno Blaze, Who was going by Abernod. And Who was the General manager and sole owner of the company. I had to be stripped of the Eclipse title. /color]

    He begins to chuckles a bit. As the fans begin to chant this is Bull….

    T-Wolf: Now I am not upset with Zip Logan at all. He was only doing what is right in the eyes of the company. But the fact remains I am now a Galactic Slam Champion! I may have only held the Eclipse title for two shows, But that is long enough. Because my record for the other titles speaks for it self. With holding the Nova title for Seven shows before losing it to a gang land beating at the hands of at the time a man named Naven X who is now calling himself Carnage. I held the Inter Galactic Title twice…. The first time setting an impressive record of forty one shows. The second time was only twenty one shows but still yet not that bad looking back at it. Because in total that’s sixty two shows I held that title. Something that no one in the GWA has ever come close to with any title. Heck there is only four men on the roster right at this time that have even held a combined total of all there titles longer than that. And one of those names is none other than the enforcer himself.

    The fans cheer for Shawn Vincent.

    T-Wolf: Yes A man I do know all to well. A man I have the privilege to call my friend. A man I am facing here tonight. In a match that determines his spot in the elimination chamber at the upcoming ppv.

    The fans begin to clap loudly and cheer for both T-Wolf and Shawn Vincent.

    T-Wolf: You see I have mixed emotions going into tonight’s match. As I want Shawn Vincent to pick up the win and get a spot in the chamber that gives him the better odds on winning it. But on the other hand I don’t want to lose either. Because as we all found out earlier in the night I am facing Rayne at the ppv in a last person standing match. And If I am going to walk out the winner in that match. I will need to start training to over come the obstacle to reclaim the Inter Galactic Title by the name of Rayne! So tonight I plan on taking my old friend to the edge of both our breaking points. As I see it we both need to be prepared for the ppv.

    Wolf pauses for a second and looks up the ramp.

    T-Wolf: See I may be going up against the most dominate lady in all of wrestling history and yes some of you label her just a diva… Well I don’t. She proved to me at the ppv she isn’t just a Diva. She is a world class wrestler no matter what gender she is. She is better than most of the men in the back and the men I have faced in my long historic career.

    The tron lights up with a picture of Inferno Blaze.

    T-Wolf: Rayne has become more impressive than my first true rival and my closes friend. He has had a flavor for the dramatic and dark in the past. And he was a bit nuts in his day. But not like Rayne.

    He pauses again and the picture on the tron lights up with a picture of Shawn Vincent.

    T-Wolf: Again Shawn Vincent is one heck of a wrestler and a close friend of mine. He is called the Enforcer for a reason. But even he cant compare to the in ring presence that Rayne has grown over the season.

    He chuckles a bit as he looks up at the picture of Chris “Action” Jackson & Elimedge.

    T-Wolf: Now these two guys were funny as heck and both I had some great rfured with. But once again neither of them can hold a candle to Rayne in the ring.

    The tron flashes a new picture this time of Revolution. A collage of all its members through out the ages.

    T-Wolf: Now even though there was a lot of members to this group and I am now one of them. None of them have had the drive that I see in Rayne right now. After she won the Queen of the Galaxy. She has been even more driven than any one I have ever seen to make sure she leaves a mark on the wrestling universe. By not only taking every title to the limits of there creations. But to take it out of the box and into the stars.

    He pauses for a second. Then a picture of Defjam pops up on the tron.

    T-Wolf: Oh yes here late and absent King. A man who claimed to be the greatest in the all the universe. But in my opinion fell short! In my opinion… Rayne has stepped out of the shadows of her king and has out surpassed him in every way known to us all. In fact some in the back say that it was Defjam that held her back for so long. And from what I have seen since he went missing… she has excelled with out him.

    Wolf moves over to the corner and stands up against it.

    T-Wolf: Maybe I am wrong. But I don’t think I am. Now I have been out way to long running my mouth and taking up to much of the time allowed for the show. You all came here to watch people wrestle not talk. So I am going to end with one last thing. Rayne I am no hitting on you or flirting with you. See I now know what you are capable of. And I am now going to train harder than ever. Because you have awakened the beast with in me. Just as your old King tried to say his monster was more of a monster than mine… I plan to show you and myself that I am still capable of going to the limits and far into the stars. As when we meet at the ppv. The match we will have will be talked about for ever. And will be the new measuring stick to greatness! So until then…

    He begins to chuckle as he drops the microphone and exits the ring.

    Johnny= The King of Chaos setting up the bar for there match it seems.

    Hanz= T-Wolf should be more focused on tonight when he faces the Enforcer and not the greatest diva in the universe Rayen!

    Johnny= Some how I don’t think you got what he was saying Hanz. Wolf is now on a mission to up his game. To show the GWA that there is a reason he is a Legend.

    Hanz= Well in my book, he is going to be a myth after the Enforcer gets through we him here tonight and Rayne finishes him off at the ppv.

    Johnny We shall see.

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