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    Post  Eternal Eclipse on Fri Mar 20, 2015 2:39 am

    Carter Bilodeau: There is something poetic about the elimination chamber. Men are broken down to their very innate, primal core. Careers are shortened but legacies lengthened. This sick twisted mesh of steel has the power over the fates of all men who enter it. What I am about to show you all, I hope encompasses what this seasons chamber is all about...

    *The arena lights shut off as the Titan tron flares to life. Iron by Woodkid blast onto the arena loud speakers as a shot of the Galactic Championship bathed in gold light is shown. Camera cuts again to the faces of each elimination chamber competitor in a row. Each one has a different colored light shining from above them. Zip Logan is Blue, Sage is Yellow, Jack Ammo is Red, Shawn Vincent is Teal, Celtic Dragon is Green, and Carter Bilodeau is Orange.*

    Carter Bilodeau: We are a sinister six.  

    *Camera cuts to footage of Zip Logan holding the Galactic Championship before showing Sage, Shawn Vincent, and Carter Bilodeau competitor standing victorious on top of their respective ladders. A clip is shown of Celtic Dragon crashing both him and Justin Time though the announce table in Week 3. Finally, Jack Ammo defeating Zayn Necrosis in the warehouse.*  

    Carter Bilodeau: We sin.  

    *Footage of some of Revolutions most underhanded victories and dirtiest moves are shown including their chair shot to Shawn Vincent earlier in the season.*

    Carter Bilodeau: We sacrifice.  

    *Footage shows each man drenched in blood or tapping out or getting checked on by medical staff.*

    Carter Bilodeau: All for our incessant need to be the best.  

    *Still shots of each man holding up a former championship are shown all at once. Their faces all tell stories of triumph, excitement, and determination.*

    Carter Bilodeau:  We are only satisfied by some sweet thing called gold.  

    *The shot of the title is shown again before footage plays of each man's greatest championship wins throughout GWA history. From Zip Logans winning the first Galactic title to Shawn and Celtics Grand Slam victories to Sage's Intergalactic championship victory to Carter Bilodeau's and Jack Ammo's victories over each other for the Galactic championship*

    Carter Bilodeau: Five will fall flat from victory.  

    *Clips of each individual losing those said titles are shown as their once victorious faces show frustration, futility, and failure.*

    Carter Bilodeau: One will walk away a winner.

    *Shots of the previous elimination chamber are shown with all the blood, sweat, and tears that came with it. Shots of the chambers massive frame are also shown.*

    Carter Bilodeau: A champ will be chosen.

    *The footage of Zip Logan eliminating Eternal Eclipse and taking the dive for Jack Ammo is shown as the clip freeze frames with Revolution holding the belt in victory. Camera cuts to black and the music stops before the still shot of each man's face is shown one after the other.*

    Carter Bilodeau: Who will be the one?  

    *Titantron freezes on the Galactic Championship and the six men standing beneath it. Roars of the crowd are almost defeaning in anticipation.  

    Carter Bilodeau: The time for talk is done. Now is the time for the dungeon to take its toll on the prisoners locked inside.  

    *The arena lights fade back on as the announcer gets ready to introduce the competitors for the next match.*

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