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    Darkness Falls - A Phenom The Vampire Lord biography-

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    Darkness Falls - A Phenom The Vampire Lord biography- Empty Darkness Falls - A Phenom The Vampire Lord biography-

    Post  Phenom The Vampire Lord on Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:54 pm

    30 of years ago, Dracula roamed the earth inspiring fear and crushing his enemies. During one of his wars with the werewolves, he comes across a woman. She reveals herself to be a "cannibal shaman", a human who eats the flesh of the deceased to create antibodies to the disease within their blood, and that if he consumed her he would be killed. The Vampire falls in love with the woman and conceives a child. He leaves her to battle the menacing lycans and although severely injured, he wins. At the age of 21, Phenom is taken away by Dracula to be taught everything there is to know about the art of war and combat. After several years of training he leaves to hone his abilities in the human world. He signs a contract with an up and coming Canada-based wrestling federation Galactic Wrestling Alliance. He wins his debut match and shortly after that he joins Dark World Order, a hellish heel stable who in the end turned out to be a huge failure as all the members were altered clones of the leader. But before DWO’s fall apart, Phenom lost a match which costed him the DWO spot. He went on to form a tweener stable, “The Alliance” and feuded with the members of DWO.
    After getting tired of being nice and always losing thanks to his no-good partners, he turned heel and joined the Legacy of Anarchy. Since then he defeated the remaining Alliance members, dissolving the stable and has participated in the stable wars that led to the disparition of ADWO and KOC.
    His most recent feud was with Cyrius Payne whom he defeated on 2 occasions but failed to win the PPV match at Big Bang 2.
    Phenom is a former GWA Gemini Tag Team Champion (with Executioner of Anarchy) and is currently the #1 contender for the Nova(Hardcore) title. He also owns a bar (Hell’s Gate) located in the Galactic city

    Wrestler Name: Phenom The Vampire Lord
    Wrestler Level: 25
    Wrestler Type: Speed
    Wrestler Height: 6.5 feet (1.97 meters)
    Wrestler Weight: 230 pounds
    Wrestler Age:28
    Face or Heel: HEEL
    Wrestler Attitude: mysterious and evil, Phenom will always try to subject his opponents to intense pain
    Entrance Video:(if you need help with this, ask): Slipknot's "Only one" , might be soon replaced by “Vampires don’t die” by Powerwolf
    Willing to Tag: Yes
    Faction Name in this fed:(optional) Legacy of Anarchy
    Wrestler's Style: high risk, loves inflicting pain to his opponents even if sometimes he takes a nasty bump
    Wrestler's Origin: somewhere in the transilvanian mountains
    Your RP Ability: 6.5/10 as a face... i can probably reach 8/10 as a heel
    Willingness to change from face to heel or heel to face: Not really but i'll do it if necessary

    1.Direct Damage finisher: SHOOTING STAR DDT: Phenom The Vampire Lord sees that the opponent is groggy so he takes advantage of it and climbs the turnbuckle and does a mid-air backflip while grabbing the opponents head in mid-air, ending into a DDT executing a devastating Dracula Mix


    1.Springboard moonsault
    Phenom The Vampire Lord bounces off the top rope with Ogre McJoker lying face up on the mat and lands on him performing a LEGENDARY Blood To Ashes!!

    2.Jumping Twisting DDT
    Phenom The Vampire Lord grabs his opponent by the head
    then he jumps and spins to perform a LEGENDARY Hand Of Blood!!

    1.Phenom The Vampire Lord Shows Off His Vampire Fangs executing The Vampiric Aura

    Catch Phrase: Rest in Pieces

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