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    History Of The Wolf Empty History Of The Wolf

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    Theodore Wolvian is a third generation wrestler. His Grandfather was Royce "King Of Darkness" Wolvian. His Father is Clyde "Colt" Wolvian. Theodore was born in small cherokee lumber camp just outside of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His Father was a full blood Cherokee and his mother was a Scottish Celtic.
    While a child he spent his after school hours along with his best friend Caliub Rowe at the Hart Dungeon. During high school he played Right Wing on his High School Ice Hockey team. After high school he was offered a spot in the famous Hart Dungeon. While training during the day he worked at the saw mill at night. During his weekends he fought in a local federation called Extreme Galaxy Wrestling. At this time he was tagged up with Caliub Rowe to be known as the Dark Knights working as King Of Darkness personal minions. After his training was complete at the Dungeon he was informed that he should go down to mexico to train in the art of luch libre.

    So he gathered his things and headed down to Mexico. Once there he joined the top luchia libre school in Mexico. While training he met the grand daughter of the head of the lucha libre school. Lilly Oleander her mother the daughter of the leader of the lucha libre school and her farther a Irish Celtic. The two fell in love while he trained. He won the yearly torunment and was honored with a mask of his own. During this time he became known as El Lobo Nova! After he honed his skills and became even better than he once was. After he had learned all he could his instructor told him that he should go to Japan. That there he could become even greater technical wrestler learning more skills form some of the greats of New Japan.

    So once again he gathered up his belongings along with Lilly and the two head over seas to New Japan. While there he met and trained with a lot of legends of Asia. Not only did he learn how to further his education on being the best technical wrestler of all time. But he learned how to be a better tactical wrestler. While there he fueded with a British Wrestler named Sage. The two went through several matches in there fued. Some of witch included Razor Wire match, Electric steel cage match, Tower of Inferno match, and then finially a seven stages of Hell match. El Lobo Nova walked away the winner.
    At this point he was offered a contract in a Galactic Wrestling. There he rejoined his old friend Caliub Rowe who was the World Champion. Theodore changed his in ring name to T-Wolf. He Became the European Champion and tagged up with the GW IC champion The Cherry Poppin' Daddy John Vincent to fight the Logan's for the GW tag titles. after defeating the Logans and becoming the GW tag champions He and John were joined by Calub "The Inerno Blaze" Rowe to form the stable 3E. The three of them used freebird rules for the tag titles wich helped them beat the Illuminati. But this didnt last long as Caluib turned on his friends to join the Illuminati.

    While out on injury the GW was shut down for breaking several laws. T-Wolf then joined an underground federation called Blood and Guts Wrestling were he was tossed together with Zip Logan to become there first Tag Team champions. But this was not ment to be as he left with Zip Logan to Join America Championship Wrestling. During the first season he debuted his own talk show called the Wolf's Den.
    At the second PPV T-Wolf was attacked by group of Dark Clowns. To his suprise he was saved by Zip Logan, Sage, Caliub Rowe, and Puck. The Next week the five men formed The Kings Of Chaos to fight back the Clowns. During this time T-Wolf became the IC champion and he and Zip Logan became the Tag Team Champions. But at the end of the forth season the fed was shut down due to bankruptcy.

    A few weeks later The Kings Of Chaos walked into a indy federation that was held under a moth infested carnaval tent. They began to fued with there greatest rivials Vainty Enterprise. T-Wolf became the most dominate force becoming the only wrestler under the tent to never lose. So he and the rest of the Kings of Chaos feft to find better matches. They soon found out that there old Fed GW had reopened its doors under the name Galactic Wrestling Alliance.

    Wt 236
    Ht 6 feet
    Long dark grey hair
    Dark Jade Green eyes

    He wears a black mesh sleeveless full top with a celtic style cross on the front. He also wears long black pants with a celtic cross symbol one on each outside of the legs. His boots are long black boots. He wears weight lifter gloves over a dark green mesh full armband that goes up past his elbow. Down to the ring he also wears a pair of silver sunglasses that he takes off and gives to a lucky fan every match. He also wears a leather jacket with a wolf face on the back of the jacket.

    His entrance music
    Metallica's "Of Wolf And Man"

    Kings Of Chaos Entrance Music
    AFI's "Prelude 12/21"

    His Entrance Action
    The light’s in the arena go low and change to green. Smoke begins to pour out of the entrance and fill the arena. Metallica's " Of Wolf And Man" begins to play over the arena speakers. The crowd rises to there feet and begins to chant T-Wolf over and over. A thunderous explosion of silver pyrotechnics begins to shoot up all over the entranceway. T-Wolf and Lilly Oleander walks out together. Lilly neals in front of T-Wolf as he throws up his arms out straight and looks down toward the ramp and into the ring with an evil grin on his face. Lilly then stands and leads T-Wolf slowly down the ramp as more pyrotechnics shoot down on both sides of the ramp and stop at the ring. Then They both slide into the ring. They then stand in the middle. T-Wolf stands with Lilly nealing in front of him. T-Wolf bows his head and lightning strikes the four corner posts. The music stops as T-Wolf puts a microphone up to his mouth.Then T-Wolf says. Ladies and Gentlemen… Fans of all things Extreme and Hardcore! … T-Wolf IS Here! (The crowd cheers and pops louder.)

    Signature Moves
    Lumber Jack Set (level 68)
    (Modified Texas Clover Leaf)
    Damage: 78,4 - 179,2

    The Howling Thunder (level 49)
    (Death Valley Driver)
    Damage: 100,2 - 501

    The Lunar Bomb (level 46)
    (Emerald Fusion)
    Damage: 102,7 - 379,2

    Finisher Moves
    The Celtic Crucifixion (level 52)
    Points: 5187,15 -
    Damage: 136,95 - 410,69 Attack Bonus: 9,24
    Bleeding % chance: 53,97
    Required Adrenaline: 445
    Required Wrestler Status: Always
    Required Position: Bent down

    The Lunar Howl (level 55)
    Points: 5914,08 -
    Damage: 547,29 - 1641,15 Attack Bonus: 5
    Submission Bonus: 12,59
    Required Adrenaline: 505
    Required Wrestler Status: Always
    Required Position: Groggy

    The Howling Echo (T-Wolf leans back. He cups his hands around his mout and howls towards the raftes.)

    Marked For Crucifixion (T-Wolf throws out his arms and lowers his head.)

    Nick Names
    The Celtic Crippler
    The King Of Chaos

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    History Of The Wolf Empty Re: History Of The Wolf

    Post  T-Wolf on Wed Dec 23, 2009 1:13 am

    BGW Tag Team Champion
    ACW IC champion
    ACW Tag Team Champion
    GWA Galactic Champion X2
    GWA IG Champion
    GWA Gemini Tag Team Champion

    ACW 7-0 win streak
    CWA 9-0 win streak
    GWA 46 wins 3 loss

    Some of the Greats I have defeated in my Win streak runs
    Zip Logan (ACW/GWA)
    Jonny Storm (ACW)
    The Eagle (ACW)
    Alex Shelley (ACW)
    MadMurdock (ACW)
    Gazzum (ACW)
    Missing Linc (CWA)
    Chimaira (CWA)
    Puck (CWA/GWA)
    Abernod (CWA/GWA)
    Mr Vain (CWA)
    Gaz The Destroyer (CWA)
    Johnny B Wonderful (CWA)
    Josh Grant (GWA)
    The Sinmaker (GWA)
    Sage (GWA)
    Chris Action Jackson (GWA)
    The Red Wolf (GWA)
    The Phenomenal Nekko-Styles (GWA)
    BCC158 (GWA)
    Disturbed Demon (GWA)
    CW (GWA)
    Elimedge (GWA)
    Iron Golem (GWA)
    Chip Johns (GWA)
    Mystic (GWA)
    Phenom The Vampire Lord (GWA)
    Broxazo (GWA)
    Bad Seed (GWA)
    Grendel Prime (GWA)
    Gunnar Hammarskjold(GWA)
    Gorthrax (GWA)
    Novdaniel (GWA)
    Carl Perkins (GWA)
    DJ Nerate(GWA)
    Cyrius Payne (GWA)

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