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    Shawn Vincent was born, raised and still resides in the wrestling hotbed of St. Louis, MO. Even as very small boy, his father and grandfathers instilled a love for sports, including the sport of professional wrestling. When they
    could afford it, his parents took him down to the old Kiel Auditorium to see the stars of the NWA wow audiences with their athletic prowess and charismatic promos. As he got older, his love of wrestling waned a bit due to his burgeoning love for the game of hockey and his hometown St. Louis Blues, as well as the problem that he was unable to watch much wrestling because his family couldn't afford cable where he could continue to watch it. He never forgot about wrestling, but lost track of its happenings for a couple of years.

    It took a monumental event to get Shawn back into the wrestling world. A good friend asked him if he would like to go see a WWE PPV at the new Kiel Center. That PPV was Badd Blood: In Your House. The very first Hell In A Cell and the debut of Kane was the bug that bit Shawn and still hasn't let go. He became a student of the game, watching as much wrestling as he could. He picked up on nuances that others didn't, and learned how to exploit them.

    When he broke into the business, he was content with being a manager and advisor to many wrestlers, helping them to win championships and turn into superstars. However, the bug kept gnawing at him and he finally went into training to become an in-ring performer himself. He sought out the best trainers to help him hone his craft, working with men such as Harley Race, Dory Funk Jr., and even the "Polish Crippler" Ed Kowalski.

    He now brings his refined craft to the GWA to make his mentors proud and to eventually gain what he believes what will be the first of many World Championships.

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 320 lbs.
    Hair: Short, Reddish-brown
    Eyes: Green

    Ring Attire
    Blue St. Louis Blues Hockey Jersey
    Baggy Blue Jean Shorts
    Black Wrestling shoes
    Kickpads (Like RVD's) with a Blue Note on the Front and Vincent
    down the outside
    White tape on the wrists
    Fingerless MMA style gloves

    For Entrance also wears blue Ring Jacket with "St. Louis" across the front and the Blue Note on the back and a Blue and Yellow Blues hat.

    Entrance Music:
    Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N' Roses

    Music hits as the TitanTron shows clips of violent body checks and hockey fights interspersed with shots of Shawn Vincent in action. Once the intro of the music has completed, Vincent bursts through the curtain as a series of concussion blasts hits, followed by a shower of blue and yellow pyro, raining down from the ceiling behind him. He pops the jersey and screams "Let's Go Blues!" as he heads towards the ring, while slapping hands with his fans.

    Vincent slides under the bottom rope into the ring, pops up and acts as if he is dropping the gloves with an opponent and feigns throwing punches. He then jumps up onto the second rope in the nearest corner and acknowledges his fans.

    Slap Shot (Powerful Snapping Powerbomb)
    Game Misconduct (Throws three straight jabs and picks up opponent and performs Death Valley Driver)

    The Slash (Modified Double Axe-Handle off the ropes)
    The High Stick (Modified Back Spinning Wheel Kick)
    The Cross Check (Modified Samoan Drop)

    Let's Dance (Acts like he is dropping the gloves and pushes up the sleeves for a hockey fight)

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