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    The ancient wargod Tyr - Bio


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    The ancient wargod Tyr - Bio Empty The ancient wargod Tyr - Bio

    Post  Tyr on Wed Sep 23, 2009 4:27 am

    Name: Tyr
    Height: 6'5
    Weight:243 lbs
    Type of wrestler: Balanced
    Current level: 16
    Fans: 817
    Popularity: 5. Rising Star (452)
    Age: 25
    Face/Heel: Whatever suits the situation best. It's heel time now.

    Tag outside Fed: Disturbed Demon
    Tag inside Fed: none
    Willing to tag: yes

    (Ring) Attire: Tyr has black hair, that goes short beyond his shoulders. His chin is covered by a short beard, but only a bit of it is actually visible due to the aggressive skull mask, that is covering his face. In case the light comes from the right direction, you can see his dark brown eyes - but the mask somehow covers it most of the time. He wears a black jeans with steel rings all across the outer seams all the way down to the leather boots, which look like the carapace of a dragon because of the interleaving layers. Through almost abusive use of a lot of different printing techniques and as well glossy as non-glossy colors, his longsleeve has the look of a heavy, medieval battle armor - but it is nothing more than a regular longsleeve.

    Entrance levels combined: 399
    Entrance music: Equilibrium - Unbesiegt (english translation: undefeated)
    Entrance attire: On the way to the ring, Tyr covers almost all of his body with a black hooded coat that is floating around his legs.
    Description of entrance: Within the first seconds of the entrance music, the sound of a tremendous thunderstorm is played, too. As he steps out of the backstage area, ten pyro shots are fired right and left from the titan tron to the roof of the arena. Tyr looks around the audience without any moving muscle, until 4 black coated druids come out and surround him, every one of them carrying a burning torch. They slowly walk down to the ring. He enters by grabbing the second rope, pulling himself up, then dodges the third rope. In the ring he looks around once again, while every ring corner fires multiple pyros to the roof. Then he slowly lifts the hood and opens the coat, revealing his terrible mask and the clothed yet muscular body.

    You are guilty! (52, 10 sec)

    Trademark moves:
    Modified Back Cracker (DD 32)
    Modified Pulling Piledriver (DD Bleeding 32)
    Modified Crucifix Armbar (Sub 28)

    Wrath of Asgard (DD 31)
    Fury of the Aesir (DD Bleeding 25)
    Verdict of Guilty (Sub 12)

    Background of wrestler: Little is known about Tyr. He is announced to be from Asgard, the mythical home of the ancient north-european gods. He likes to be a mystery, a shadow - until the spotlights are on him and he is about to enter combat. He came to GWA, because he wanted to get in action with other great talent. He loves to battle and won't turn down any challenge - no matter what his prospects may be. However, he refuses to take cheap shots - combat in his mind means a test of strength and resiliency, and the combattant with higher skills is the rightful winner.

    Promotional picture of wrestler:
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    Last edited between season 9 and 10.

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