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    Determined to find an answer... Empty Determined to find an answer...

    Post  Shawn Vincent on Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:39 am

    The camera fades in to a pitch black room.  A match is struck by a darkened figure, which lights four different candles.  They are placed in a square on the floor.  As the figure steps into the middle of them and sits on the floor, we can see it is the “Enforcer” Shawn Vincent.  There is a black towel draped over his bowed head.  He takes a few deep breaths before looking up at the camera.

    SV: Tonight, six men enter a contraption designed to prevent escape and inflict, even encourage, devastation.  We enter to compete against each other in a battle for the most prestigious and honored championship in the universe: the GWA Galactic Heavyweight Championship.  But that’s not all we fight for…

    He pauses and takes a few more deep breaths before continuing.

    SV: Everyone fights for different reasons.  Some fight to retain the control they have over the title and the power that comes with it.  Some fight to prove to others that they belong here.  I, however, fight for something much more personal.  I fight to prove to myself that I still have what it takes to be amongst the elite in our industry.  It’s something that has weighed heavily on my mind from time to time.

    Another moment of silence fills the arena until it is broken by shouts of encouragement from the GWA Universe.

    SV: Multiple superstars have tried to get under my skin by mentioning my past failures.  Normally, I just laugh them off.  Lately, however, it has caused me some self doubt.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt that I can compete here in the GWA.  I have just been frustrated ever since I lost the Nova Championship.  It can make one question themselves when they suffer a multitude of setbacks.  It can cause one to lose focus and make mistakes…

    A Shawn Vincent chant starts to reverberate throughout the GWA Arena.

    SV: If it were not for Stacy, and a multitude of family and friends, I may have believed those men.  However, I don’t.  I know I can do it.  I know I can once again become the Galactic Champion.  I was the first Galactic Slam Champion with the Galactic title being the one to make it happen.  No one else in GWA history can claim to be the first to complete such a feat.  That accomplishment is one no ordinary man can attain.  So, given that I am no ordinary man, it stands to reason that I can be the first man to enter the Elimination Chamber and survive 5 other extraordinary men to reclaim a championship that was wrongfully removed from my possession.  

    The crowd in the arena gets louder.

    SV: So here I am, preparing to enter a demonic structure.  A structure that changes men.  I know, because I have been there once before, and I will use that knowledge to its fullest advantage.  I must know if I deserve to sit at the table of the immortals still, or if I need to look at other options.  I know what the answer will be, but I must prove to myself that it is the correct one.  Until then, I, like these candles are about to be, will be in total darkness…

    He reaches behind him and grabs the two rear candles.  He quickly blows them out.  He gets the one on his right and puts it out as well, just leaving one candle left.  He picks it up and holds in close to his face.

    SV: To my opponents. I hope you’re ready to join me in the darkness…

    He blows out the final candle, bathing the room once again in total darkness.  A quiet chuckling is heard as we switch to the announce table at ringside.

    Johnny: Wow.  That was rather different from the Enforcer we usually see.  What have you heard, Hanz?

    Hanz: Well, he has been very concerned with his lack of success as of late even though he hadn’t been showing it.  Sounds like it’s weighing on him a bit more than expected.  

    Johnny: I’d say that is right on the money.  He better have his head on straight before making his way out here for the Elimination Chamber!

    Hanz: Don’t worry.  When he walks through that curtain, he will be all business.  I’d put money on him to walk out tonight the new champ!

    Johnny: And of course I know you’ve already been talking to your bookie.  I hope for your wallet’s sake you’re right!

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