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    Post  Jack Ammo on Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:40 am

    The arena is buzzing from the last match still, when black spotlights start spinning. They pick up speed and eventually it ends completely with the arena plunged into darkness and the titantron showing static with white noise. Slowly fading in, in a slow demonic tone Shoot It Out by 10 Years begins to play. Jack Ammo is seen in a dark room, and just his face is illuminated with a single flame.

    Jack: Generation after generation. Creation after creation. Reinvention after reinvention.

    The demonic voice fades from Shoot it Out to Tears Don’t Fall by Bullet to My Valentine. The camera pans out a little bit, to show Jack with his arms resting on his legs, holding out his lighter. He now flickers the lighter on and off.

    Jack: Oh, how the time has passed. Oh, how the demons run free. I am one of those demons.

    The song goes from Tears Don’t Fall now to Down and Out by Tantric.

    Jack: The man who has overcome adversary time and time again. I triumphed Defjam and Crimson Wrath. I conquered the Chamber the first time. I even made the chamber even more wicked than what it was and overcame that as well. People want to treat me like I’m some underdog, and haven’t even considered me winning. That’s entertaining. We’ll see how that pays off in the end.

    Jack keeps the lighter off after one final flick.

    Jack: The midnight clock to destruction is ringing on tonight. And it cries out for blood and agony. It's wishes will be granted.

    The feed abruptly cuts off.

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