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    Promo: Carnage VS Corrupt Best of Five Series Final - Casket Match


    Promo: Carnage VS Corrupt  Best of Five Series Final - Casket Match Empty Promo: Carnage VS Corrupt Best of Five Series Final - Casket Match

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    *The camera fades in as title card presenting Corrupt vs Carnage match in a Casket Match for the Nova Championship

    Johnny: Well ladies and gentleman, we're now about to witness these two monsters collide!

    Hanz: Corrupt, the new Nova Champion will defend his title against Carnage, which Lucius Drake declared "the true Nova Champion".

    Johnny: Both men showed us few weeks ago some horrid imagery and gave us nightmares that we're never forget.

    Hanz: And their feud started with this incident.

    *The camera cuts the footage of a match in Doomsday III between Corrupt and Carnage for the Nova Championship. It shifted to Carnage walking to the ring.

    Drake: Do you know why I choose you? Why out of all the people in this galaxy I choose you?

    *The camera shift to the footage of Drake talking to Carnage

    Drake: It is because you have what people lack, you have  what people wished for what people keep inside of their souls because they are afraid of how others will see them. And that is nothing simple than pure Vengeance. Vengeance is what fuels the anger which fuels the soul inside you. And when you were at the every edge of death I showed you the way. I gave you life again and now you have  gained power no mortal man can ever possess. The heavens above and the hells below can not handle!

    *It shows Carnage's clip about his triumphant matches

    Carnage: If he had no fear....he will NOW! Because no matter how much he can Corrupt....HE WILL EXPERIENCE TOTAL CARNAGE!!

    *The footage went black shortly as a voice played.

    Corrupt: I don't know who you are and what you are.......

    *Now showing Corrupt in the entrance

    Corrupt: Call yourself the Creature of Chaos or anything but let me tell you something that you are not the one I am looking for. Also, you will never make me fear you because I am the essence of fear itself.

    *Footage shows about the match when Corrupt and Carnage clash in the ring. In the end, Corrupt finished Carnage and become the Nova Champion.

    Johnny: I just cant believe it! Carnage lost the Nova title!

    Hanz: Me either!

    Johnny: This Corrupt wrestler has done something I didnt think any one could do!

    Hanz: I just dont see this fued ending right here.

    *Footage shows about Corrupt's wake of his mother was interrupt by Drake

    Drake: Who do you think you are HUH!....You! a nobody!...... It should be Carnage that should have his foot on your neck as you are gasping for air on the ground with his title in the air!! But instead you got lucky...you got Lucky and trust me...no one is never EVER! Lucky when they step into the ring with my client...the TRUE NOVA CHAMPION....THE CREATURE OF CHAOS! CARNAGE!!!

    Corrupt: Don't worry it will be in your client's hands in the PPV IF he earned it. But at the time that your title is within your hands, you'll be sorry.

    *Footage shows about Drake in the arena

    Drake: You had your chance last week to give back the title to my client, but you instead sealed your fate. Last night was just a test....tonight will be a beatdown! lets see you you can survive because this series has just started!

    *Clip shows about another match between Corrupt and Carnage where Carnage went successful as the clip shift to Corrupt in the ring.

    Corrupt: Lucius, let me just say these words to you and tell you that your friend, Carnage give me a pain that I know this will scarred for me........so long that I've realized for the past I ENJOY myself getting in pain.......as for Carnage, he did remind me for who I am. I would like to thank him for these precious day I have. But however, this is not enough. I want more. I DEMAND LUCIUS TO TELL CARNAGE TO GIVE ME MORE.

    *Footage shift to Drake in the arena

    Drake: In our first match...Carnage tested him, our next match Carnage finally strikes...and I tell you this Corrupt...you want more?...Carnage will gladly give you more than you can handle. You will soon break and fall, but carnage will not stop he will continue to torture and end you!

    *Clip shows about Corrupt finishes Carnage and won the match. Suddenly, it went black; but shortly afterwards, a clip shows Corrupt in the ring

    Corrupt: Pathetic! After all I've been ranting for more pain from Carnage and what did I get?! NOTHING!!!!! I used to respect you, Carnage.

    *A video shows the glory days of "The Renegade" Naven X

    Corrupt:I admired the day you were Naven X, I stalked you from your shadows......

    *Then it shifts to Carnage and Drake footage then back to Corrupt in the ring

    Corrupt:.........but when you met Lucius Drake you decide to "bury" this, Naven X and reborn yourself as Carnage that will soon become conqueror....... But this! Is this your achievement?! This is garbage!............And for that I declare you, A FRAUD!!! And for that now you learn the LOSS of this title for your actions, soon you're deteriorated body will.

    *Suddenly, Laughter can be heard in the distance

    Drake: You fool, You talk as if you know what is best for my client. Bringing up his past and saying that he is making the wrong decisions...Let me tell you something that you need to know about my client. He was known to all the fans as "The Renegade" Naven X...a name bound to him when he beaten
    T-wolf to claim his first Championship here in GWA...and surprisingly enough it was....THE NOVA CHAMPIONSHIP! Now For you think that my client...

    *Suddenly Drake pauses at looks back as if someone is talking to him...

    Drake: You sure...You dont have to...I got him where I want him....Fine!

    *He looks back at Corrupt

    Drake: I would love to continue this but I think someone want to see you..hahahaha!

    *Then Carnage appears

    Carnage: I was in the light for all of my years since the beginning. I was indeed Naven X...I was indeed the Renegade...I was a fan favorite in GWA...

    *A video shows Carnage in the dark room

    Carnage: But then the fans deserted me...they forgotten me and I was in Darkness..I felt the pain...And my torment has been shared to everyone who has competed against me. I have brought forth pain and suffering to those who think they know me who underestimate me. And those people fall and fall with the realization that I put them there. In life you are given choices or opinions...do the good thing or do right thing. And the right thing is REVENGE!.....Corrupt...you come out here and you speak about who I am...but the real question is...who are YOU!

    Corrupt:....... I am everything! I'm upon your thoughts, upon your shadows, upon your fantasies, upon your ego. I am the result of fear! AGING! AGONY! ANXIETY! GRIEF! HUNGER! MISERY! PAIN! I am the embodiment of all things of suffering! I am the tongue that speaks for the condemned. And now Carnage let me tell you something that will finalize the answer for you.

    *The spotlight showers on the mirrors reflecting Corrupt. The reflection showed Naven X grieving in the ring.

    Corrupt: I AM YOU!!!!

    *He looks away then he looks back and begins to laugh

    Carnage: Hahaha! Your mind games almost got the best of me...but you see...you can't be me...Naven X died a long time ago...You think you can just put a image of me and mess with my mind!...You are wrong!!

    Corrupt: Perhaps this will make out the sense out of you.

    *Suddenly a sad tone played

    Corrupt (distorted Naven X's voice): Carnage?! Why you do this to me?! I'm supposed to become stronger, YOU TRAITOR!!!! Why you bury me?! I'm all alone, alone in the darkness! Save me, Carnage! Save me! SAVE ME!!!!

    *Carnage stumbles and leans against the corner shocked at what he hears...he shakes his head screaming...


    *The bell rings as both charges at each other, in the end Corrupt lost the match. Corrupt faints in the ring. Suddenly he try to stand up feebly but in few seconds he stumble as a mysterious girl appears behind him soaked in blood. Then the mysterious girl holds Corrupt's pale hand and helps him to get up. As the mysterious girl help him, Corrupt finally stand up like he was been healed but still soaked with blood and scars.

    Seline: Carnage, Drake. I spoke the words of what will be the outcome of this battle and yet you refuse to heed my words. Now I warn you once again with these laymen words. Your champion, Carnage will bury my brother to get this belt as a sign of your redemption. But mark my words when you done this, you proclaim yourself as the "Essence of Fear" and the "Fear Incarnate" but when you've gain redemption, the thing that you've always desire for the both for you; you will learn what the true "fear" is.

    *The video shows a montage of the last 4 matches of Carnage and Corrupt as heard a voice of a woman sing a mysterious girl's future poem

    Johnny: What could be Drake and Carnage's respond?

    Hanz: And more importantly, what will happen if both of them ignore this message?

    Johnny: We never know until next week in the PPV.

    *The video ends with Carnage and Corrupt face one another as the camera fades back to the ring

    OOC: Carnage, just pm me if there's something I need to revise.

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