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    Post  Sage on Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:43 am

    The camera fades in on Sage walking into the Revolution Locker room. Where his employees are all scattered around the room working.

    Sage= I just cant believe the world we live in!

    Personal Aid= Whats wrong?

    Sage= They fired Jeremy Clarkson! What nerve does the BBC have firing him!

    Personal Aid= Oh I thought maybe you were talking about last weeks match?

    Sage pauses and looks over at her. He then walks slowly up to her and knocks the papers off her lap.

    Sage= Get out.. Your Fired!

    The lady stands up and runs out of the room crying. Sage then turns to his manager.

    Sage= Have some clean this mess up and find me a new personal aid.

    She snaps her fingers and a couple of men run over and begin to clean up the mess. His manager then walks up behind Sage.

    Manager= Sage I have you booked to have a full body massage treatment in less than an hour to make sure your ready for the main event tonight.

    Sage= See is that so hard to do? Not talk about last week but focus on tonight and me becoming the NEW Galactic Champion!

    Manager= What did Zip Logan say in your meeting?

    Sage= I sent him an Email due to the fact I was to busy this week to show up in person.

    Manager= An Email?

    Sage= Zip knows that I am out there promoting the GWA to the world. And he knows its best for the company that I do that and skip a few meetings.

    Manager= I also got those tapes you asked for.

    Sage= Good I want you to have the crew skim them and find any weakness I can exploit.

    Manager= You want them to find all the weakness from all five men?

    Sage= That's what I said isn't it. If I am going to win this thing. I need to know everybody's weakness. I need to know how to exploit that weakness so that Revolution continues to hold the Galactic Title. Because we can put all our money on Zip Logan to walk out the winner. and we sure as heck cant take the chance on Jack Ammo. After all he was kidnapped by some frail hacker kid that wanted to be a wrestler for gods sake. Who knows what deranged things were done to him during that time.

    Manager= Yes sir.

    Sage= Also send Justin Time a gift basket with a card on it that says congrats on winning the Eclipse title!

    Manager= That's very nice of you. Anything else?

    Sage= Yes have our team work on finding a way to get T-Wolf back to normal. He is to dangerous in this form. We need him focused not Chaotic! Oh and send a basket of bath salts and other things like that to Vivica Lockhart to easy her beating after her match tonight! She is going to need them!

    Sage begins to chuckle as he heads towards the locker room to prepare for his massage. The camera fades out on his Manager beginning to make phone calls.

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