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    Post  Samantha Storm on Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:43 pm

    Fever by Bullet for My Valentine begins to play as Samantha Storm steps out onto the stage. Wearing her ring gear of black shorts and black tank top with white lightning printed down the sides, black boots and her long brown hair tied up in a ponytail.

    She makes her way to the ring to cheers from the crowd with a microphone in her right hand. When she reaches the ring she climbs between the second and bottom rope and makes her way to the centre of the ring raising the mic to her mouth.

    Hanz Schultz "A first tonight, Samantha Storm in the ring"

    Johnny Hawk "I'm surprised she managed to find her way down here"

    Hanz Schultz "Better late than never"

    Samantha looks over towards Johnny and rolls her eyes before focusing back towards the crowd

    Samantha "Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce myself. I am Samantha Storm. Now yes, I may look like the girl next door, but never judge a book by it's cover. Looks can be deceiving you know"

    Johnny Hawk "Looks like a rookie with no business being out here to me"

    Hanz Schultz "Give her a chance she might surprise you"

    Samantha "Tonight I make my debut here at the Galactic Wrestling Alliance. Tonight rather than watching the show in the crowd I am competing. Week after week I have watched the GWA shows, now I get my turn to be here and part of the action. After a shaky start in finding my way around, I am standing in the ring where the magic happens."

    Samantha smiles as she lowers her microphone looking around the ring

    Samantha "Tonight I face Triggers Jr, a man of few words. Which makes it hard for me to get a grasp on what I am up against. Instead I will focus on what I do know. I know that I am good at what I do. I know that I have the determination to succeed and I know that I will give everything I have in this ring"

    "Triggers has had the privilege of fighting here at the GWA 11 times previous to tonight. Those 11 matches may give him a slight advantage over me, in terms of experience in this particular ring, but like me, this is his first PPV match here."

    "This is not only my first PPV match here it is my debut match. I do not intend to be Triggers first win, I plan to make my presence known and show exactly what I can do"

    Johnny Hawk "I'd be more impressed if she should us some sense of direction"

    Samantha "Sure odds are on Triggers side, after 11 losses he's bound to be due a win, but when a Storm hits, all odds go out the window. I'm sorry, but tonight, I'm going to make sure it's 12 losses and walk out of my debut match with my arm raised high"

    Hanz Schultz "Fighting words from Samantha"

    Johnny Hawk "I give her five minutes, if she finds her way to the match that is"

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