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    down falls the rayne


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    down falls the rayne Empty down falls the rayne

    Post  T-Wolf on Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:11 pm

    The camera opens into complete darkness. A single candle lights up the hooded face of T-Wolf. His eyes are closed as he begins to speak.

    Drip.... Drop....
    Drip.... Drop....
    Down falls the Rayne.
    Drip.... Drop....
    Drip.... Drop....
    Crashing to the ground.
    Drip.... Beaten!
    Drop.... Broken!
    Drip.... Drop....
    Drip.... Drop....
    Shattered in the end.
    Drip.... Drop....
    Drip.... Drop....
    Down will fall the Rayne!

    He opens his solid crimson colored eyes and blows out the candle. An evil laugh is heard as the screen fades completely to black.

    Johnny= What a very strange message T-Wolf is sending to Rayne.

    Hanz= That wont scare her. Even if it does scare me!

    Johnny= Well it doesn't take much to scare you.

    Hanz= That's true.

    Johnny= After all these weeks of silence from Wolf. We finally get him to speak and this is what he has to say?

    down falls the rayne W2

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