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    Post  Sage on Tue Mar 17, 2015 1:53 pm

    The tron lights up with Sage once again in his private jet. He is relaxing in a comfortable seat with his feet propped up. His shoes are off and a lady is scrubbing his feet and clipping his toe nails.

    Sage= I have been traveling all over the globe between matches this season. And this week isn't any different. I am on my way back from Las Angel's. Where I just laid down some tracks for my star studded album called Some Sage Advice! Now I am not going to go into detail's right now who is on it.

    He pauses as the flight attendant hands him a drink.

    Sage= Now where was I? Oh yeah. Last week Shawn Vincent made a comment that I am not focused on the chamber match. Well to that I say Mr Enforcer. I am in the sixth spot. All I have to do is wait for all you to beat the heck out of each other and step in and pin who is ever left. Seeing as your in the number one spot Shawn. I would think you should be more focused than any of us.

    Sage pauses to laugh a bit.

    Sage= After all you have had a very tough season. First Wolf goes off the deep end and injures you. and then last week your mouth cashed a check your ... well Lets just say I was happy to be the one pinning you last week.

    He sits his drink down on the table next to him.

    Sage= Shawn, I have yet to lose this season. So I would say my training program is working well for me. In fact Not only have I not lost. But I have made great strides in the world to bring more fans to the GWA by awakening the world to the Sage brand of entertainment! With my Acting career taking off, My record label blasting off, and my soon to be line of men's wear hitting the run way's. I would say the age of Sage is not only here. Its taking the world by storm!

    He picks his drink up and takes a drink. He then places it back on the table.

    Sage= Once again remind me Mr Enforcer. Other than becoming a pretzel this season. What have you done to prepare for the chamber? Half the people in the chamber this time are Revolution members. The odds are in our favor. The Odds are even greater that I will walk out the champion. Why you ask? Well because my star is on the rise. I have set myself apart from the rest of you all by making my brand A world sensation! I am what the Galactic Champion should be. I am the name on everybody's lips. I am the one that the fans are clambering for's merchandise. I am the one Hollywood wants in there movies, and Tv show's.

    He again pauses as he places a sleeping mask over his face and reclines his seat.

    Sage= Unlike you Enforcer. My chances aren't a dream. Now see you later tonight when I remind you why your a has been on the decline and I am the rising star headed to the outer limits of reality!

    The camera fades out as sage puts his head phones on.

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