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    Post  Shawn Vincent on Mon Mar 16, 2015 1:01 am

    The camera fades in to a mirrored yoga studio where we see the "Enforcer" Shawn Vincent being led in some exercises by Stacy.  He is still wincing in pain from his brutal encounter against T-Wolf and the tag match he and Carter Bilodeau were victorious in last week against Zip and Jack.  Stacy is holding back some giggles as Vincent struggles with each pose.  After 30 seconds or so he realizes the camera is there.  He stands up and dries himself off with a towel a bit.  Stacy brings him a water bottle.  He takes a swig as she takes hold of his arm.

    SV: Well, I'm sure you all are rather surprised to see me in a yoga studio!  If you all remember a couple weeks ago, I mentioned I was trying all kinds of ways to prepare my mind and body for the brutal Elimination Chamber coming up in a couple weeks.  My beautiful Stacy suggested that some yoga could help with some flexibility and help center my thoughts.  So far, all I've managed to do is contort myself into a giant pretzel and make her laugh.

    Vincent gives Stacy a sarcastic look as she starts to giggle.  As he holds his stare, she starts to laugh out loud.  She gives him an apologetic look.

    Stacy: Love you, babe, even if you are a giant pretzel.

    She gives him a kiss on the cheek and skips out of frame while Vincent watches.  He cracks a small smile as he looks back at the camera.  

    SV: It's hard to stay mad at her when she takes care of me so well.  

    He waves at her off screen.

    SV: Back to business.  Last week, Carter Bilodeau and I defeated Revolution's Zip Logan and Jack Ammo.  I'll be honest.  I was just as surprised as anyone else that we emerged victorious.  I was still so banged up from the butt-kicking T-Wolf gave me the week before, I figured I'd be little more than a punching bag out there.  That being said, a Carter and I made it happen and won the match.  In the process, we embarrassed Jack and Zip.  Naturally, that was kind of fun!

    Vincent pauses for a moment, remembering the match.

    SV: Well obviously that didn't sit too well with ol' Zippy.  He, in his infinite wisdom or something like that, has booked Carter and I against Jack again.  This time though, it's Sage, not Zip, that is Jack's partner tonight.  Seeing as how easily Carter and I defeated Zip and Jack last week, I feel that tonight should be pretty much the same.  I am still banged up somewhat, but feeling much better than last week.  Couple that with the fact that Sage seems more preoccupied with his alleged acting career than wrestling, I believe that the Revolution will be quelled yet again tonight!

    He pauses again to allow everyone to absorb his words.

    SV: A quick thought about Into Infinity III while I'm thinking about it.  As weird as it may sound, I have to thank Wolfie for kicking my tail two weeks ago.  I may not be a hundred percent come time for the Chamber, but I have learned over the years that when you cage an injured animal, it becomes extremely dangerous.  So I say to the three Revolution members and to my comrades-in-arms, Celtic Dragon and Carter, beware.  Once we have all entered the Elimination Chamber, you won't be able to run and hide from me.  I will be the new Galactic Heavyweight Champion!  See you in the ring, boys!

    Vincent turns away from the camera and begins to walk away as the shot fades to black.

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