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    Fear incarnate Empty Fear incarnate

    Post  Carnage on Sun Mar 15, 2015 12:07 am

    The camera fades in back to the ring...suddenly a spotlight shines down to the center of the ring as Lucius Drake is standing with a microphone at hand. He raises his hand to silence the crowd before he speaks...

    Drake: Ladies and Gentleman of the galaxy, My name is Lucius Drake and  I am the Personal Adviser to the TRUE GWA Nova Champio

    the crowd boos

    Drake: And I am out here once again to remind you all the my client is truly the GWA Nova Champion and not this poor excuse of a champion...Corrupt! Let me also remind you that this fool stole my client's title when he won a match that sure was not his to win. Carnage and I are furious for him to still walk around with it as if it was his!! I gave him a chance week after week to some to his senses and just give me back the title! But he want to make it difficult, wants to take the hard way....Only idiots choose wrong decisions when it is so simple to take the easy way out! Ever since I found my client almost to the verge of death, I took him at brought him new life...a life that is now more reckless than ever...You can say that Carnage is Fear....Incarnate!

    Drake takes a knee

    Drake: This ring is what keeps Carnage calm...because he get to have his fun...destroying and torturing lives...And what does Corrupt do?....Spend all his time praying and doing rituals for some woman who is nothing more than a dead carcass trying to find its way back to the human world. For me, I don't believe in ghosts...but I do believe in monsters...and Carnage IS THAT MONSTER!!!

    he gets up and continues

    Drake: In our first match...Carnage tested him, our next match Carnage finally strikes...and I tell you this Corrupt...you want more?...Carnage will gladly give you more than you can handle. You will soon break and fall, but carnage will not stop he will continue to torture and end you! And there will be no need for praying anymore....for he will senc you to me your woman once again! For he will bring you....Pure and TOTAL CARNAGE!!

    Drake drops the mic and begins to laugh....the spotlight goes out...


    the spotlight goes out.....then the arena lights return on with Carnage and Drake no where in sight.

    camera fades out.

    Fear incarnate Empty Re: Fear incarnate

    Post  Guest on Sun Mar 15, 2015 1:14 pm

    *camera fades in once more, focusing on Corrupt in the mutilated form


    What a pathetic excuse........... for being a fear incarnate

    Soon when your title in within your grasp..... Lucius..... Carnage......, I'll show you what true fear means......

    Pity for both of you....

    No........ You don't take pity anymore...... Your hearts are pure destruction and your mind is diluted with anger.......

    Prepare both of you...... judgment comes next week......


    *Corrupt began to transform and frames repeatedly change from Corrupt to Naven X

    Corrupt: Help yourself.......... Carnage

    *Immediately shown a horrid face man with a loud creepy sound

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