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    up in smoke?


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    up in smoke? Empty up in smoke?

    Post  T-Wolf on Sat Mar 14, 2015 6:16 pm

    Ben is walking around backstage. He starts heading down towards the locker room area. When he turns towards the camera guy.

    Ben= Did you hear that loud crash? It almost sounded like an explosion?

    Ben turns back to the hall way and notices a puff of smoke coming from one of the locker rooms. He and the camera man run down the hall and try to open the door. But it wont budge.

    Ben= Some one maybe trapped in side.

    Ben steps back and runs towards the door shoulder first. The door gives and Ben enters into the locker room followed by the camera man.

    Ben= What on earth happen in here?

    Ben and camera man look around the locker room. lockers are tipped over and busted open. Clothes are scattered all over the room. light fixtures are hanging down and blinking on and off. the walls seem to be chared with some sort of soot.

    Ben= I don't see any one in here... Who's locker room is this?

    Ben turns back toward the door and the word T-Wolf is on the door but three large scratch marks are run through the name.

    Ben= That doesn't look good. I wonder where T-Wolf could be?

    Ben moves into the locker room a bit more and looks around. He moves some of the lockers and pushes some of the debre with his foot as he moves around.

    Ben= Well it doesn't look like any body was in here when what ever this was happen. But just in case I am going to contact the arena security team to investigate.

    Ben takes out his cell phone and calls the security office as the camera fades to black.

    up in smoke? W2

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