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    Post  Eternal Eclipse on Sat Mar 14, 2015 4:18 pm

    *Camera fades in slowly to the flashing of many red lights in a rhythmic pattern. Sounds of rolling dials and up-tempo big band music is heard. Camera zooms out to reveal the large expanse of a Casino interior littered with poker, crabs tables, and slot machines as far as the eye can see. Camera lowers to show Carter Bilodeau in a fine white suit with a royal blue shirt and tie. He is standing in front of a large slot machine littered with different lights and an list of every odds of possible wins.*

    Carter Bilodeau: Welcome dear friends to Las Vegas!   I took a quick detour this past week to come here and film this for you all. Here is a world that never sleeps and is full of people willing to press their luck until they have nothing left. Many believe fate or destiny is the key to besting the odds. Those people believe that we are preordained to succeed in life based on a systematic, unavoidable force.  

    *CB pauses before reaching over a pulling the large metal lever on the slot machine down. The dials roll and spin as many sounds and chimes play before the outcome. The machine stops all three in a row at once. A cherry, BAR, and a 7. Nothing.*

    Carter Bilodeau: No dice there... Perhaps we all need a little bit of luck to swing our way? Aye, superstition is a powerful force and many would argue that the psychology brings forward something that grants good will towards them.

    *CB pulls a rabbits foot put of his jacket and holds it up close to the camera before pulling the lever down again with the foot in hand. Dials roll and music plays. The first dial stops at a BAR. The second stops at a bar. A moment passes before the final dial stops turning... a Gold bar.*

    Carter Bilodeau: I guess not... Well, I didn’t come here today to show you all in GWA that I am a terrible gambler. You all saw that last elimination chamber. No, I came here to show you all some statistics.

    *Carter picks up the camera and turns it to show a large video screen showing the GWA logo along with the words "Galactic Title Match odds" along with the names of every entrant in the elimination chamber match.*

    Carter Bilodeau: In this city, you can bet on any and all happenings around the world. Galactic City is no exception. Looky here folks... For any member of Revolution to win is favored to win by a landslide with 1/33 odds, but here they have Zip to retain by a slim margin of 1/4 to 3/1 over Sage who is sitting with the #6 spot and then close behind is Jack Ammo at 5/1. After those three is the former champion and Grand Slam champion, Celtic Dragon, and the Enforcer of GWA, Shawn Vincent, trail far behind with a speculated payout of 25/1 Wow. Those are some hefty numbers. One can only imagine what it would be like if Justin Time finds himself in the match in place of Celtic Dragon.

    *CB looks hard at the screen and places a hand on his chin before continuing.*

    Carter Bilodeau: But there is one missing from that list. Oh right, the former champ Carter Bilodeau is also contending in said match... Looking here, my poor single season run as champion paired with my ineptitude in previous big match situations has me at the low low odds of 66/1. Well, I'm not surprised at all. Its 3 on 3 essentially and the two on my side are hungry competitors who are already established legends still performing at top form. Both want that belt as bad as anyone else and will fight all 5 of us to get it.

    *CB turns the camera back to the slot machine and stands beside it again.*

    Carter Bilodeau: The underdog role is something I was bred to be. All my life I have been seen as a second class performer. A midcard to uppermid carder who made the leap to main event but never could stick there. That has been my career over and over in this vicious cycle. Well, now is the time I break free from the shadow once and for all. This match will propel me to the top of the GWA... And I am never coming down.

    *CB grabs the handle hard and slams it down with great force. His face points to ground as he looks up from under his brow to the camera. All this is heard is the rolling dials and music chimes of the slot machine.*

    Carter Bilodeau: Luck, Destiny, Skill, and many more factors all play a part in deciding what happens in this chaotic thing called life. But there comes a point in time when a man must stand up to chaos...

    *First dial lands on 777*

    Carter Bilodeau: … Face it head on with grit and determination...

    *Second dial lands on 777*

    Carter Bilodeau: … And beat the odds!

    *Third dial lands 777. Red lights flare and strobe sporadically. The chime blast a happy beat filling the entire casino. Carters face stays down, eyes darted forward before walking off camera leaving the large machine screeching with excitement*

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