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    Post  Sage on Thu Mar 12, 2015 3:58 pm

    The camera pans to the announce table.

    Johnny= I am being told we have a special video from Sage.

    Hanz= What kind of video?

    Johnny= It says here its the segment from Top Gear that he is on this week.

    Hanz= Really were going to show that?

    Johnny= I guess we are!

    The tron lights up with Jeremy Clarkson sitting on the set of Top Gear.

    Jeremy= And now its time to put a star in our reasonably priced car. Here he is Sage!

    The crowd begins to clap as Sage walks through them all and up to the stage. Where he shakes hands with Jeremy Clarkson and then sits down.

    Jeremy= Now I am big fan of yours Sage. Can I just say it is an honor to have you represent the UK in Wrestling.

    Sage= Well seeing as I am from London. Its always good to represent my home.

    Jeremy= Now I hear you have just did a season of the Bachelor, and that you ended up with....

    Sage puts up his hand.

    Sage= Wait now Jeremy we cant spoil that for the United States fans. They have yet to see the shows. As like always in life, there a bit behind over there.

    Both men chuckle.

    Jeremy= Agreed, Now I have the list of all the cars you own. And I have to say you own quite a few cars. Where do you keep them all?

    Sage= Well to be honest with you Jeremy I had to buy a lot near my mansion. And I build a parking structure just for all my cars. All seven thousand and two of them.

    Jeremy= How many of them have you driven?

    Sage= Not really sure. But if you ever would like to stop by and look at them. Your more than welcome to. In fact I might even let you drive a few of them.

    Jeremy= Thank you. Now as we all know your a legendary Wrestler, an Ex-footballer, and an Actor now. But what is on the horizon for you?

    Sage= Well I am glad you asked Jeremy. I am in the works with some of the greatest names in music to do an album with your's truly!

    Jeremy= So your going to sing some of your own songs?

    Sage= Not at first. I am going to sing with several top A listers doing ballads from there greatest hits. and just to give you a taste on who you might hear... I have gotten Ozzy to be the first star to be on there.

    Jeremy= Wow that is big news. But its time to show your lap.

    Sage= Yes we don't want to make this episode all about me... Or do we?

    Both men chuckle again. then they turn to the tv and watch as Sage goes around there track in there car. The video ends and Sage turns back to Jeremy.

    Sage= Now before you even start. I know it was wet out there and the stig tried to teach me how to do your track. But I thought it was just wonderful to be behind the wheel and be here.

    Jeremy= Well thanks. So you did it in... one minute....

    Sage= Yes...

    Jeremy= Fifty...

    Sage= Yes?

    Jeremy= six point seven.

    Sage= Sweet I wasn't at the bottom.

    Jeremy= Not to shabby for a really wet lap.

    The tron goes black and the camera moves back to the announce table.

    Johnny= Wow I cant believe Sage has that many cars.

    Hanz= I cant believe he is going to do a music album!

    Johnny= Well Sage's star is on the rise out side of the ring. Lets see if it keeps rising this week, and through to the PPV. After all he is still got the number six spot in the chamber.

    Hanz= He is the odds on favorite to win.

    Johnny= I just wonder what Zip Logan would do if Sage does end up walking away the Galactic Champion at the ppv?

    Hanz= I don't really Know?

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