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    Aftermath of the last week's match - Submission match and Harcore Pre-match


    Aftermath of the last week's match - Submission match and Harcore Pre-match Empty Aftermath of the last week's match - Submission match and Harcore Pre-match

    Post  Guest on Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:15 am

    *Backmasked sounds of wailing and screaming children as frame montages of the grotesque and horrid pictures shown. From the fire by Fields of the Nephilim intro plays as spotlight slowly shone Corrupt sitting in the rocking chair with his grotesque look holding a Nova Championship.

    Hanz: Welcome back to the show. As you can see here, Corrupt is sitting with a Nova Championship on his grasp.

    Johnny: Well, not for long. The reason is right here in this clip.

    * shows the footage from last week, a match between Carnage and Corrupt in a Submission match

    Carnage gets ready to hit the opponent
    Corrupt dodges an a Overhand Chop to gain the initiative
    Corrupt loads his arm chop style and
    and tosses it towards the rival executing a Forearm Smash hitting him with his forearm!!
    Corrupt hooks the adversary and locks him to lift him
    and then puts his head between the knees, lifts him hooking a leg performing a Dream Eater !!!!

    Johnny: He did remarkable at that match, hitting bit by bit but......

    Corrupt is about to perform his taunt
    Carnage capitalizes on his opponent's distraction and jumps on him!
    Carnage knocks Corrupt down
    Carnage grabs his rival's fist
    and twists it by executing a Fist Lock!!
    Carnage keeps his submission hold
    Corrupt can't resist anymore and taps out!!

    Johnny:...... he became too confident about winning match.

    *the camera fades back to the ring.

    Hanz: We're not sure about it, these two monsters are evenly match.

    Johnny:I highly doubt about it, but we never know how much power this Corrupt has.

    *Corrupt is about the speak with his microphone while sitting in a rocking chair, but before that, he laugh like a lunatic.

    Corrupt: Lucius, let me just say these words to you and tell you that your friend, Carnage give me a pain that I know this will scarred for me.

    *Corrupt laughs

    Hanz: Uhhh..... was that suppose to be funny?

    Corrupt: Finally, Carnage give something what I need to nurture myself. Pain.

    Johnny: What?! Why?

    Corrupt: See my body, is been beaten, scarred and tortured for so long that I've realized for the past I ENJOY myself getting in pain.

    *The crowd shocked at Corrupt's statement

    Johnny and Hanz: WHA-

    Corrupt: My mother told me before she was been persecuted that pain will never go away so we have to enjoy the sting and taste of pain because we prove ourselves that we're still alive. And then when she was burned in the stake for being convicted as a heretic, she laugh at death. And since then, let the people disintegrate me and let my pain be nurtured. And when no one gives me pain, I did it for myself. I stabbed myself, burned my hands and these tormented words and treachery haunt me and motivate to hurt myself once again.

    *The crowd once again shocked

    Johnny: This is disturbing

    Hanz: Please make it stop.

    Corrupt: And as for Carnage, he did remind me for who I am. I would like to thank him for these precious day I have. But however, this is not enough. I want more. I DEMAND LUCIUS TO TELL CARNAGE TO GIVE ME MORE.

    Hanz: Oh dear.

    Johnny: This is not good.


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