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    Post  Eternal Eclipse on Mon Mar 09, 2015 1:33 am

    *A back of a shirtless man is seen in a dimly lit room. He is continuously and rhythmically beating on the punching bag in from of him. The only light seen is a pale orange one directly above him and the bag. The light embosses and emphasizes the contours of the muscles along his back and the sweat dripping down to the floor. The camera slowly inches closer to the man. It comes within about an inch of his head before he turns around quickly and pushes it back a few feet. It is Carter Bilodeau, seemingly glowing orange from the light above him, standing tall and proud. He looks bigger and more refined than he has in the past.*

    Carter Bilodeau: To be the absolute best and stay there, it takes sweat... it takes commitment... it takes the best to be the best! Every day I am here pushing myself to the next level that I know I can reach. Already I feel bigger, faster, and far superior to all my foes. I need to be though if I even hope to have a chance of regaining the championship at Into Infinity III. I mean, TS Eliot once said that "Only those who risk going to far can find out how far one can go". I hold that quote close to my heart, especially now. I KNOW that my best is absolutely necessary and that my best is better than anyone elses. I've been humble far too long. This is not arrogance but self-awareness. I am a next level competitor and I am ready to show any and all that fact.

    *Carter swings around quickly with a round house kick to the top of the bag. The camera quick cuts to CB flipping a large tire down a narrow corridor with mirrors on either side wall. An infinite amount of Carter's are reflected in a row flipping the tire over and over and over again. Camera cuts back to him standing under the light.*

    Carter Bilodeau: I like practicing here in the dark. Minimal light is required because of two reasons. One, I want to improve my senses to see things even in low light conditions. The second is that I want to simulate just how I am going to feel at Into Infinity: surrounded by darkness.

    *CB is seen climbing a wall of chains, just like the Elimation Chamber, up about twenty feet before standing atop a slim platform. Camera returns to Carter standing beneath the light, his face turned upwards to be illuminated under its glow.*

    Carter Bilodeau: Unrelenting steel, remorseless glass pods, numerous enemies, and impossible odds make for a very dark time indeed. But with my training and proper mental conditioning, I will be ready for whatever dark forces lay ahead of me. I will the light that pushes back the darkness... The other day I was walking down by the river near the edge of the city and looked up to the sky. For the first time in a long time, I saw the stars. As I gazed at their majesty in the black abyss, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the shooting star streak across the sky. Like blue lightning, it flamed through the sky bright and brilliant. At that moment I paused and reflected. I knew that that star was me. I could feel it in every fiber of my being.

    *CB is seen standing on top of a building facing the city away from the camera. His silhouette is that of his taunt, A Light in Darkness, where his arms are extended horizontal and his head faces the sky.*

    Carter Bilodeau: I'm inspired like I have never been. Tonight, facing Jack and Zip, I will show them this new found inspiration and a small taste of what awaits them in the Chamber in a few short weeks. Also, Shawn, if you need to sit this one out after last week, its just fine by me.

    *Camera shows CB under the orange light again. He gives a wink and a short laugh as the light flickers and buzzes out to darkness.*

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