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    Post  Carnage on Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:53 am

    The camera returns to the arena where a spotlight shines on the ring. Boos roar the arena as Lucius Drake stands by...

    Lucius: Ladies and gentleman of the galaxy! I am the personal Adviser... to the TRUE GWA NOVA CHAMPION...the Creature of Chaos...Carnage! I am Lucius Drake!

    the crowd boos

    Lucius Drake: I like to remind you all of month before when I came here to GWA to save a lost soul. A soul you all decided to erase from your minds...At one time he was known to you all as "The Renegade" Naven X....the One and only...a superstar in his own right and became a popular wrestler and legend in GWA. He was with the people always there for your help. But when the tables have turned and he was in need..you all neglected him and left him for dead. And when I found him lifeless...I gave him a second chance and that was the day he was reincarnated to a more dark...and vicious entity known as Carnage. And the funny thing is I didn't make him this way....He...Became...the Essence of destruction.

    Lucius takes a cup and raises it in the air

    Lucius: I am the cup that hold all the hate in this world and I only offer it to those who can consume it. Carnage is that embodiment of pure anger and rage...and its fire is Revenge. Corrupt your mistake was to believe that you have won. You had your chance last week to give back the title to my client, but you instead sealed your fate. Last night was just a test....tonight will be a beatdown! lets see you you can survive because this series has just started!

    He leans the cup to his lips then quickly drops the cup to the floor making a loud noise....

    Lucius Drake: You speak of riddles, but lets see what breaks first Corrupt....your Body...Your mind....or your SOUL!!!

    Drake laughs as the camera fades to black

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