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    A mysterious girl (part 2)


    A mysterious girl (part 2) Empty A mysterious girl (part 2)

    Post  Guest on Wed Mar 04, 2015 11:44 am

    *camera fades in backstage as a group of referees are talking in the breakroom some seem to be very concerned

    Senior Ref: Are you okay? It looks like he give you a carnage for a life.

    Ref 2: Hehehe.... Good one

    Senior Ref: This isn't funny!!!

    Ref 2: Sorry

    Ref 1: I don't know, I'm pretty much scared right now!!!! What if he and his manager come back for me again!!!!

    Senior Ref: Not to worry, what's done is done. We're going now.

    Ref 1: Wait what?!

    Senior Ref: Just hang in there, buddy.

    Ref 2: Don't let him bite. Hehehehe

    Senior Ref: Stop it!

    Ref 1: Oh no! AAHHH!!!

    *suddenly a woman in the hood showed up sitting beside him

    Ref 1: Who are-

    *suddenly a woman hugs the referee with a motherly love

    ?????: It's okay, no one will hurt you no more. Shhhhh

    Ref 1: O-ok

    *then a referee feel peace and safe

    Ref 2: Hey, ya comin'

    Ref 1: Just a se-

    *suddenly a woman is gone from the sight

    Ref 1: B-b-but she was here.....

    Ref 2: Who?

    Ref 1: A woman hugging me......

    Ref 2: Hahahaha!!!!! Did the Carnage still knock your brain off??

    Ref 1: But I....... *sigh Never mind

    Ref 2: Come on, let's go!

    *the camera fades out

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