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    Post  Sage on Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:00 pm

    The screen lights up with Sage inside a private plane. Behind him is his manager, hair dresser, personal chef, his secretary, & few other essential people. All sitting in seats talking low.

    Sage= Last week I earned the number six spot in the chamber match. A spot that is guaranteed to put me in the spot of winning that match. But as I re watched the show from last week. Something things stood out to me.

    Sage takes off his sunglasses and hands them to his aid.

    Sage= My good friend Justin Time... He seems to be not doing so well as of late. As his mentor and friend. I think its up to me to fix that. So I am offering Celtic Dragon a deal. Tonight we square off to test each other before we get to the PPV. So I offer this.... If I win tonight's match Celtic Dragon. You face Justin Time next week for your spot in the chamber.... If I lose tonight's match I will trade you my number six spot for the chamber match for what ever number you get. Now take your time and think this over.

    Sage pauses as he loosens his tie a bit.

    Sage= Now onto the next thing I saw last week that scared me a bit. Last week T-Wolf seemed to snap as the announce team called it. Now as I have been down the road with Wolf several years now. I have to say I have seen this look before. Back when we wrestled in Japan. Its not a look I liked and honestly it scared me back then. Cause that look meant that Wolf was no longer in control. Now on the bright side he is aimed at some one other than me right now so I am cool with that. But on the other hand.... once he gets that look in his eyes any one who is around him is fair game. So for my own personal safety. and the safety of my minions here. I am letting Zip Logan know that I will not set foot in the arena until my match and will be leaving as soon as I am done.

    He pauses as his Manager stands up and whispers something into his ear. a few seconds later he turns back to the camera.

    Sage= Well I have to go now as were about to land at the Galactic City air port. but one last thing before I go. Its a bit of Sage Advice for all the men in the chamber match. As my star is rising to the heavens... most of your's are falling to the ground... A few are already burnt out. Shawn Vincent you know who you are.... My plan is to win the chamber match and keep the Galactic Title in Revolution. Luckily I am in a spot right now that means I have the odds to keep that promise.

    Sage turns and walks over to his seat and begins to buckle himself in as the camera fades out.

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