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    Post  Shawn Vincent on Mon Mar 02, 2015 2:52 am

    We're back from commercial and the camera is trained on Shawn Vincent's door.  The cameraman knocks on it.  We hear a muffled reply from the other side.  The door swings open and we see Vincent's assistant Stacy wearing a traditional Japanese kimono.  She smiles warmly and motions the cameraman in.  The lights are turned off and the office is illuminated by candlelight.  Stacy motions to one side of the room where we see Vincent sitting on the floor, meditating while surrounded by burning incense.  

    Stacy: Shawn, the cameraman is here for your interview time.

    Vincent draws in one more deep breath before opening his eyes.  He smiles as he exhales slowly, motioning for the cameraman to have a seat on the floor in front of him so the camera shot is at his level.

    SV: Thank you for being on time.  I suppose everyone is curious as to what I'm doing at this moment.  It's simple really.  I am always up for trying new ways to hone both mind and body, and given the challenge that awaits me this season, this sounded just as good as any.  This is a time honored traditional meditation method, handed down through the centuries by generations of sensei in Japan.  An old family friend introduced me to the man that taught me this, and I can only hope I'm doing it correctly.  I do have to say it's working, as I feel more centered and focused than I have in a long time.  Plus, by involving Stacy, I get to see her in various traditional Japanese outfits.  Some of those are very interesting to say the least!  

    The crowd laughs as we hear Stacy giggle off camera.

    SV: Now, this season I have a chance to regain the Galactic Heavyweight Championship in an Elimination Chamber match at Into Infinity III, and the road to the a Chamber starts tonight with a series of timed matches.  The man who wins his match the fastest guarantees he is the last man to enter the Chamber, making himself the odds on favorite to be victorious.  The man who is the slowest in winning, or loses the quickest depending on all the outcomes, will be the first man in, cutting his chances to win by a bunch.  It's a very intriguing proposal by Zip.

    He pauses for a moment to contemplate his next choice of words.

    SV: Zip has not made it easy for me either, pitting me against my good friend, and unfortunate member of Revolution, T-Wolf.  Wolfie has already mentioned that he has his own priorities, and I respect that.  However, I do not plan on losing.  I don't expect to be the fastest either, but I feel there will be an upset amongst the rest of the championship contenders, allowing myself to enter somewhere other than number one.  I will say though, that I will have a set of eyes in the back of my head because I don't trust Zippy any further than entire offensive line of any NFL team all at once!  I have a feeling he has something up his sleeve.

    Vincent pauses again as the crowd boos the mention of Logan.

    SV: Regardless of entry position, I will have to defeat five other individuals to reclaim championship gold.  On one hand there is myself, Celtic Dragon and Carter Bilodeau, Jr.  We all three share a mutual respect and admiration for each other and would not resort to underhandedness to defeat one another if it were just us.  That's where the other combatants come into play.  It's a Revolution takeover with Zippy, Sage and Jack Ammo, although I'm not sure how loyal Jack is to Zip anymore.  I sense some tension in the ranks.  That doesn't matter though, as this match is everyman for himself, and the winner becomes the top guy in our industry: the GWA Galactic Heavyweight Champion!  I want to prove my one reign with the big belt was not a fluke.  I am the first Galactic Grand Slam Champion!  I may have been around awhile, but that doesn't mean I'm washed up!  

    The fans erupt in the arena and begin to chant Vincent's name.  

    SV: Boys, especially you Zippy, enjoy your time leading up to II-3.  I guarantee that you won't enjoy the Chamber when it's all said and done and I am standing atop the mountain once again.  Wolfie, I'll see you out there in a few, good buddy.  I have some more stretching and breathing exercises to do before I head to the ring, so if you'll excuse me.

    The cameraman quickly gets up, keeping the lens trained on Vincent as he begins another exercise.  The shot fades out as we go back to commercial.

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