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    The Game is Awakening Empty The Game is Awakening

    Post  Jack Ammo on Sun Mar 01, 2015 11:58 pm

    The titantron goes straight to static and then black.

    ???: If you want to know anything about me. Here is it.

    There is a strike of a match. Then a single flame illuminates Jack Ammo’s face. He lights a lantern and strings it up on the wall. Jack sits down on a chair, now only a visible shadow.

    Jack: I’m a messed up person. I’ve strung up souls, beaten down wrestler after wrestler. I’ve also enjoyed every single minute of it.

    Jack lets out a sadistic laugh.

    Jack: I’m the only person in GWA history that has won an elimination chamber. I have decided that I will be leaving the chamber with my championship back. Yes, my championship. I am the embodiment of what a champion should be.

    Jack moves out of the picture, now literally only a shadow on the wall.

    Jack: I will go up against my jobber of an opponent, and then I will secure the top place in the chamber, but not like it matters. I could enter first and destroy all 5 men, but that is something that doesn’t need to be done with 50 percent of the chamber on my side.

    Jack kicks the lantern and it smashes against the wall and breaks. The flame dies.

    Jack: But this is only the start. There is a much bigger game to play.

    The camera dies.

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