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    Justins promise Empty Justins promise

    Post  celticdragon87 on Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:02 pm

    The camera cuts back stage to the boiler room, a dark figure can barely be made out, pacing back and forth, back and forth.

    ???: Why!? Why did things have to end that way!?

    ???: That punk isn't any better than me, he might think he is, he can act all high and mighty, but at the end of it all, he is nothing but a snot nosed punk!

    Steam hisses around the room before the shadowy figure can be revealed.

    ???: From the first minute I came to this place, I have hated him with a passion, but that is nothing compared to the hatred I have for him right now.

    ???: It was supposed to be my time, not his! Like always though, he has to find a way to interfere.

    The shadowy figure, who now notices the camera, slowly emerges from the steam, revealing himself to be Justin Time. He is noticeably more built then he was before, but also has a few extra "battle scars".

    He looks like he has gone through some hard training in the off season. He is dressed in his gym clothes.

    JT: Welcome to where I spent my off season! This boiler room was specially created by me, for strength and conditioning. Something that will pay off in the long run.

    Jt: Tonight, i have Carter Beetlejuice one on one, a former champion and blah blah blah

    Justin angrily stares into the camera.

    I don't care that I have him tonight, I want Celtic Dragon! That no good piece of crap has my spot in the elimination chamber, my soot that I want back!

    Over the next few weeks Celtic, I promise to make your life hell, so much so, that you wont make it to the chamber match, and I will gladly take your spot in it.

    Justin stares into the camera again and begins laughing like a maniac.

    Johnny: I really like the looks of Justin right now.

    Hanz: You for real, the man looks like he has gone crazy!?

    Johnny: a crazy man is an unpredictable man, which can only make for great matches!

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