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    Rookie interview?


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    Rookie interview? Empty Rookie interview?

    Post  Ddustin97d on Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:51 am

    "Interview with the rookie"

    *ben stands with Dustin as he gets suited up*

         Ben: " Ok folks, we are here with Dustin.. who at last season's ppv made his inring debut on GWA at DOOMS DAY III."

         Dustin: " Hi Ben, How are you?"

         Ben: " Dustin, First off I'd like to ask you about your first match here at GWA."

        Dustin: " Well Ben, It was great.. It was so much fun being back in that ring entertaining the fans. It really doesn't get much better!"

        Ben: " You're not well known at the moment.. do you think this will change during your time here at GWA?"

       Dustin: " Well, Ben I've asked myself that question ever day since that match.. It's not a question I can answer.. Ya see Ben, I would not be here right now if it wasnt for all those fans out there.. It's up to those fans. They decide who makes it in this business and who doesnt."

             Ben: " Well Dustin, you have a match again tonight.. any thoughts?"

        Dustin: " Ben, It's a pleasure to be in the ring again tonight.. i plan on doing what i do everything i'm in that ring.. I plan on putting my all in this match and getting another win under my belt.. i respect every wrestler in this locker room and It's an honor to be here.. but most importantly I'm going to give this fans a show.. I'm going to make sure the leave tonight and want to come back again and again.. to sum it up Ben.. it's all about the fans.. thank you for your time but i have to get ready for this match.."

           * Dustin gives a thumbs up, and walks away*

       Ben: " Well folks, that's all for now.. Enjoy the show!"

                                      * camera fades..*

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