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    Better around my waist

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    Better around my waist Empty Better around my waist

    Post  Vivica Lockhart on Wed Feb 25, 2015 11:31 pm

    b]OCC: After my match...if possible

    She rolls out of the ring and grabs the IG title and yells for a microphone snatching one out of the announcer before returning to the ring....she then points at the ref to not exit the ring...she stands in the middle of the ring taking her time to catch her breath then she grins

    Rayne: You can take a swing at my ego...you can make a run at my crown..but in the end of the day...I still rule the town! Now before I can continue I like everybody to take a good look at this

    she signals the cameraman to view the Intergalactic title in her hands

    Rayne: Now I never use the phrase "I told you so!" because simply....I don't need to. My potential in and out the ring is all the proof you need because at the PPV in one of my biggest matches in my career...I stood face to face with a known legend here in GWA an opponent I never faced since my..."Arrival"...the man called T-Wolf! Our title swinging ever so gently over our heads and I took him down and took him out....climbed up that ladder and grabbed this title! The same title that pathetic use of a woman Vivica Lockhart....

    Chants of Lockhart begin to echo the arena, Rayne blocks it out and continues

    Rayne: Like I was saying the same title she lost, the same title the led to the rebirth of the Egotistical Bad Girl...Yours truly, the Best Diva in the World, the one and only Queen of the Galaxy...and now your Intergalactic Champion...RAYNE!! I laugh at the mere fact that all of this has now come full circle. And to make it official....

    Rayne tells the ref to place the title around her waist...He takes the title and begins to attach it to her as she raise her arms wide giving the crowd some flash photography

    Rayne: I am the Intergalactic Champion! The only thing is I will be the best Intergalactic Champion this business will ever know! And to think I could have held both of the titles since it seems that T-Wolf cant even hold the title because of something he probably failed a long time ago. No matter, the REAL champion here has arrived! And just like the Eclipse title I will make sure the galaxy will only recognize this title as the title that Rayne Made Famous!

    She drops the mic and leaves the ring

    Hanz: I dont know what better, seeing her with the Eclipse title or the Intergalactic title!

    Hawk: No matter what I may think of her...she is indeed one of the best Divas, may I say wrestlers here in GWA and nobody can't deny that....nobody!

    Camera fade out

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