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    Post  Eternal Eclipse on Tue Feb 24, 2015 3:37 am

    *Finale by Madeon burst on to the loud speakers. The familiar calling card of Carter Bilodeau plays loud as red, orange, gold, and purple lights flicker and flash sporadically. As the music peaks, Carter Bilodeau jumps from the backstage area and poses on the ramp as blue sparks rain down behind him. Paired with a trimmed down haircut, Carter is also not in his usual ring gear: a variation of it rather. He has swapped his red gloves in favor of royal blue ones and his jacket is almost pure white except for a royal blue trim. His boots are pure white and he has exchanged his jeans in favor of white tights with blue designs. Carter runs down the ramp and slides into the ring in an instant. He grabs a mic from his jacket pocket.*

    Carter Bilodeau: You guys dig the new threads? I worked really hard over the break to shift my image. That old gray and black getup didn't suit me like it used to. It was something that went with the dark places I was in in my life. This on the other hand symbolizes my own optimistic out look on life as well as my own style and intensity in the ring. Cause we all know, as I kick your a$# around the ring, I'm going to look darn good doin' it!

    *CB gives a short cheeky smile as the crowd cheers and applauds.*

    Carter Bilodeau: Not only is this new getup a better look for me, it also is me giving a final goodbye to who I used to be. The old Eternal Eclipse who won the Galactic title was also the one who lost it. That image I presented then did not truly represent what I was all about and subsequently caused me to lose confidence and lose the title to Jack Ammo in the single most grueling match in GWA. In fact, it was more gladiatorial combat than wrestling match. In the end though, I couldn't take that last ladder step to victory... that moment haunts me every time I step into this ring... At least it used to.

    *Carter pauses and looks out about the crowd before continuing.*

    Carter Bilodeau: That old me was always dragged down by his lack of true identity. Every other week his temperament changed. At that point in my life, I always knew what I wanted and how to get there, but my outlook never extended beyond that and I lost touch with who I was. Now though, I have no doubts in my mind about who I am... I am the best wrestler in this company today. I'm in a wrestlers biological prime as I am still young and limber, but still have plenty of experience under my belt as an elite performer. No one here cam deny that when I step between this ropes, electricity happens. Be it myself climbing a ladder to victory, or teaming with Shawn Vincent against GWA's best, something exciting and memorable always happens. This is not ego or narcissism. This is confident self-awareness: something I never had as Eternal Eclipse. No disrespect to the other competitors in GWA, but the others are either past their primes, far too green, or simply not good enough.

    *CB's intensity is showing as his chest begins moving drastically faster and he blinks infrequently.*

    Carter Bilodeau: Tonight I face Justin Time one on one. If he wins, he gets a title match for the now vacant Eclipse championship. But if I win, and do it faster than any other of my fellow elimination chamber participants, I will once again win the coveted 6th entrant seed to the previously mentioned match. I would argue that I have a tougher opponent tonight than the others as he also has an incentive for winning and a recent history of success... All that means to me is I have to hit THAT much harder!

    *Carter begins leaving the ring and stepping down the metal ring steps.*

    Carter Bilodeau: Take heed Zip, Jack, Sage, Celtic Dragon, and yes, even Shawn Vincent. I'm walking Into Infinity with the odds stacked against me and coming out your NEW Galactic Champion!

    *Blue flames explode at each ring post as Finale by Madeon turns on again.*

    ***Camera fades***

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