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    You made a big mistake


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    You made a big mistake Empty You made a big mistake

    Post  Carnage on Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:55 am

    The camera fades in backstage as a group of referees are talking in the breakroom some seem to be very concerned

    Senior Ref: You know everyone is talking about the Nova title match you called last night...some are saying it was an upset, others are saying it was a fluke, and some are saying that you made a bad call making corrupt the winner?!

    Ref 1: Sir, Honestly I did my job as a referee to call the match  straight down the middle...so I don't agree with the critics about that match. it is over and there is nothing I can do about it.

    Ref 2: I think you should be more worried about what....HE...might do to you.

    Ref 1: Who, Carnage and his manager?....there is nothing to worry about, as far as I am concerned..I am just a referee and there is nothing they can do.....

    Suddenly the lights go off in the room...suddenly they return with the other referees nowhere in sight. the referee looks shocked and heads for the door...its locked.He notices the lock on the door and turns it....yet the door still wont open

    Ref: Ok guys real funny...now unlock the door...HEY!...LET ME OUT!!!

    the lights turn off again...a spotlight shines on the ref who opens his eyes and see himself tied up on a chair


    ???: Unfortunately I can't do that for you....until I have my answers

    Suddenly Lucius Drake reveals himself on the other side of the table tapping his finger on the table

    Drake: Last night you made one of the biggest mistake of your life when you made a bad call letting My client lose the match

    Ref: Who...who are you?!

    Drake: Oh! excuse me for not introducing myself...I am Lucius Drake and I am NOT A Manager...I am just the personal Adviser to the now Former Nova Champion...the Creature of Chaos...Carnage.  And you sir, are in big...big trouble!

    Ref: No, no you got it all wrong...I think I made the best call in that match..

    Drake: You think?!....You made my client lose his match because you THINK you made the right call! I was there...You embarrassed me! You are the reason that nobody of a wrestler is walking around with a title that is not his!!!

    Ref: No...no! I mean I think I know that I made the right call...I mean I dont kn-

    You're pathetic...you should not even be a referee anymore...maybe someone needs to teach you a lesson

    Ref: Hey..I...I..wont tell anyone please  just let me go...please dont hurt me!!

    Drake takes a deep breath...then grins

    Drake: All right, I wont teach you a lesson

    Ref; Thank You!!!....you are merciful!!

    Drake......But I cant say the same for him

    the referee begins to shake as hand grabs on to his neck


    the camera turns away as the ref screams and Carnage begins to torture him with only the sight of Drake laughing. the lights go out the only the sound of Drake's laughing.

    Fade out

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