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    A mysterious girl


    A mysterious girl Empty A mysterious girl

    Post  Guest on Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:17 am

    *camera fades in and focus on Ben Saltine looking for someone and starts to ask anyone in backstage

    Ben Saltine: Guys, have you seen a wrestler by the name Corrupt? I want to interview him

    Employee 1: No, I don't see him

    Employee 2: Me either, I only see him in the ring

    *then the two employees walks away then suddenly a woman in a robe covering her face in the hood sitting somewhere in the backstage

    Ben Saltine: Hey there, you're not around here. What are you doing here?


    Ben Saltine: Hello? Can't you hear me? I said what are you doing here in the backstage, you're not supposed to be here.


    Ben Saltine: Why aren't you-

    Employee 3: Hey Ben! Who are you talking to?

    Ben Saltine: Oh, this-

    *suddenly the women is gone from the sight

    Ben Saltine: Where? Where is she?

    Cameraman: I don't know

    Ben Saltine: Weird

    *the camera fades out

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