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    Post  Jack Ammo on Sun Mar 29, 2015 2:41 am

    An eerie red mist fills the arena floor, spilling out everywhere, but containing itself to the ramp and around the ring. The arenas lights flicker and then die after a few seconds. A mysterious hooded figure slowly walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp. The dark red hair flows out from the light red cape and black dress. She just stands there, and then begins to spin. The hood keeps her face hidden but the cape and dress spin along, cover the women in this mist. In the middle of spinning, she pulls out a lighter and lights it. The flame travels along and sudden the drops it. All the mist goes up in a quick burst of flames and the lights are instantly back on. Just a red cape is seen floating away, the woman nowhere in sight. A half a minute after this, gold lights blind the crowd and green, purple, gray, black, and yellow spot lights spin all over the crowd.

    The arena goes back into the dark. And red mist spills out from the top of the titantron. Where Did The Angels Go by Papa Roach blasts its way into the ears of every fan in attendance. Jack Ammo wearing his wrestling attire, but with a zip up hoodie saunters out of the smoke. With his hands in his pocket, he walks down to the ring, smug as always. He slides into the ring and a microphone is thrown his way. The music halts as soon as Jack raises the microphone.

    Jack: Hell hangs over my head, but yet I still have a strange feeling of confidence.

    He points up at the Chamber dangling from the roof.

    Jack: This match could end my career, physically handicap me. It could end my life. Yet, I feel at peace.

    Jack pulls his hood down.

    Jack: People want to count me out of the chamber, considering I’m entering second and my brethren don’t enter until the fifth and sixth positions. I will be, at best, in a 2 on 1 position. I will be beaten and broken.

    He unzips his zip up hoodie.

    Jack: But I will not fall that easily. I don’t quit. Last week, I simply lost; there is no way to put it other than that. But the thing about it is, that I let Celtic win that match. I dealt enough damage for him to still be feeling it today, a week removed. But I laid there so I didn’t take more of a beating than I needed to. I can spare a loss; I can spare a blemish on my record.

    Jack removes his hoodie.

    Jack: We have 5 men other than myself entering the chamber. Carter Bilodeau, Shawn Vincent, Celtic Dragon, Sage, and Zip Logan.

    He takes a breath.

    Jack: Carter, Eternal Eclipse. You and I have a history in this structure. We were both in the first one, and then we met once again in my satanic version that my mind conjured. I won both times. You aren’t even to be considered a threat tonight.

    Jack: Shawn Vincent. The mighty have fallen. Used to be a major player in this game, but neglected back to the undercard after losing his stake of the company to Zip Logan. I’ve beaten you before, for my championship, the same one we battle for once more. The only reason you ever beat me in the first place was the has-been Defjam posing as someone else. He learned his place as Revolution brought him to his knees, and the same has happened to you before. And It’ll happen again.

    He walks over to the far corner and yanks himself up onto the ropes, sitting down.

    Jack: Celtic Dragon. You aren’t wrong. I’m jealous that you have done the one thing that I haven’t. The Galactic Grand Slam. You’re also one of the only people I haven’t beaten. But it doesn't matter. I have the heart, the drive, the endurance, the brains, and the pure talent to survive tonight. Yes, not win, survive. That is the mindset. You’re looking to survive.

    Jack: Now onto my brothers in Revolution. Sage. The man holding the last position. Never has been Galactic Champion despite having one of the longest stints with this company. You’re in a good position to claim it here tonight, and the betting poles actually show you as the favorite to win. And Zip Logan, the man in charge, friend, colleague, I can call you a lot of things. Champ is the word I’m thinking of currently. I bring you two up last because we are brothers. Our bonds are more incomparable than anything else I can think of. But this doesn’t mean I won’t fight. As Zip Logan has said, I don’t expect you to go easy on me, and I don’t want you to. Throw everything at me and more. Try and destroy me. Obliterate my molecules, and destroy my being. I won’t bend, I won’t break.  I WON’T BE BEATEN.

    He is shaking the ropes, causing the red mist that is still surrounding the ring to flare up and down, even entering the ring now.

    Jack: I am the one who needs to be FEARED. No one is expecting me, in fact people are completely looking over me. I won the first chamber. The only official chamber winner, and even if the other one counted, I STILL WON. Victory is where I specialize. I’m the only person in GWA history ENTIRELY to ever step out of the chamber victorious. No one but me has stepped out of a chamber with the pride and joy of winning. Yet, people still want to count me out? Look me over as if I’m some sort of man lost in translation?

    Jack hops down from the ropes and begins pacing from rope to rope, taking his time.

    Jack: No, I refuse to be counted out. I am the deviant of destruction, stepping into his biome. A few weeks ago I brought up a tiger and a gazelle. You 5 are gazelles, stepping into a tiger’s territory, and you 5 expect that nothing will happen? The tiger is dangerously hungry, and instead of meat, his hunger is gold. I never lost it. That title should still be around my waist. The pest Zayn Necrosis was burned out of existence, and will never be a pest again. He is the reason I'm not walking into this chamber, on defense and not attack.

    Jack falls to his knees and lies down. He rolls onto his back.

    Jack: I have taken worse beatings than any of the 5 of you combined can deliver. I have been shoved 30 feet off a ladder and into the crowd. I was already losing consciousness when the man who did, suicidally jumped instead of winning, and crushed me. I was hospitalized, but I’m still not down. Defjam, the legend of Extreme, slammed me through a glass table. I was injured, but I’m still not down. I sacrificed my body, my soul to defeat some people. I delivered a suplex to the outside of the ring, I jumped off the top of a cage into the leg drop. I was down then, but I’m still now down.

    Jack: How many people would do what I do to prove myself? Will go to the lengths I do to win. How many people would die for this sport? I will not fall like those before me. Not anymore. I have grown with Revolution. I have defeated T-Wolf, Naven X, Shawn Vincent, Eternal Eclipse, Zack Gunn, Zayn Necrosis. All people who defeated me first, but I am unique. I raised my own level, just so I could match their power. I will never make the same mistake twice. People can doubt me all they want. I will not fall, I will not stay down.

    He rises to his feet and scoops up his hoodie. He slips it on and puts the hood up.

    Jack: 6 men enter; one man leaves with all the glory. But at a price. Like I said, how many will give up everything they have, every possession, every fiber of their being just to win. Even the winner will the bloody, beaten, brutalized. Everything comes at a cost. I am ready to give up everything just to prove myself once more. My championship is coming home. I'm still. not. down.

    The arena goes back into darkness, just the red smoke visible. A jumbled mess of demonic tunes began to lightly plan, mashing together Tears Don’t Fall, Down and Out, and Shoot it Out, but playing so lightly it’s barely audible. Jack holds up his signature butane lighter.

    Jack: Tonight, the flames of victory are burning strong. But the flames of death are burning even stronger.

    He drops the lighter while still lit. The flame touches the red mist and erupts the same way it did earlier. The lights are on, the red mist is gone, and Jack Ammo’s hoodie is blowing away due to the wind of the explosion. In red paint on the hoodie now reads “Destruction’s Clock Ticks Now.”

    Hanz: I think Jack has actually snapped, and he is creeping me out!

    Johnny: Why can't we just have anyone normal? We have Carnage, Corrupt, then T-Wolf, and now Jack?

    Hanz: But no matter how you spin it, very strong words have been spoken.

    Johnny: No doubt about that, that is sure to have some heads turning.
    Jack Ammo
    Jack Ammo

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    Post  Jack Ammo on Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:11 pm

    Why wasn't this featured on the PPV?

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    Post  Sage on Thu Apr 02, 2015 12:58 am

    probly because the ppv was jammed full of rps and this rp was your 3rd. or maybe that you came down to the ring at a ppv to do a promo when you should do promo's in the back at a ppv? Everybody knows its tackey to come down to the ring at a ppv and run your mouth. Or maybe its the fact that your doing a gimmick that 4 other guys on the roster are already doing with the supernatural? doing ring promos are for the regular shows. for the ppv you stay in the back and do promo's its the proper thing to do! But I digress the true question about the ppv is not about your multiple rps no, its not about you Jack. its about how I Sage got screwed and my 6th spot in the chamber became an early entry at number 4? But I will be making that clear in my rp later!

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