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    Rayne's Press Conference

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    Rayne's Press Conference Empty Rayne's Press Conference

    Post  Vivica Lockhart on Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:28 pm

    The camera fades in to ringside as the commentators Hanz and Hawk are standing by

    Hanz: What an exciting PPV we have in store for you and how exciting will our co-main event be

    Hawk: Thats right! Tonight it will be T-wolf vs Rayne for the Intergalactic Championship in a Last Person Standing match! Wolf, the challenger, now more dangerous than ever will fight to regain his title back from the Current Champion Rayne who is fight to prove once again that she is the Best ever Period!!

    Hanz: And speaking of Rayne we have some footage from a Press Conference last night in which our champion had to face the media after her outburst on GNN during an interview. And she was told to make a statement about the ordeal and we will like to share it with you all here!

    Hawk: Roll the tape!

    The camera  shifts to the footage taken last night at the press conference as reporters and photographers are in attendance waiting. Then Rayne is seen going onstage wearing her trademark leather jacket, boots, and pants and her pair of Bay-Rans sunglasses and holding the IG title on her shoulder...the flashing camera lights flicker the whole room as she sits on the chair positioning the microphone....

    Reporter 1: Rayne, Rayne.....How do you respond from your outbreak on GNN and the interview you had with Arianna Andrews?!

    Rayne comes forward to the mic

    Rayne: I am here so that I don't get fined...

    laughter can be heard from the audience

    Reporter 2: Rayne, is there any chance that you will apologize to the reporter or GNN?!

    Rayne: I am here so that I don't get fined

    Reporter 3: Is that all you are going to say throughout this whole conference...huh, seems like I can already see what will happen to you on your match!

    Rayne's emotions changes as she looks at the reporter...

    Rayne: What did you say?!!

    Before the reporter can say a word, Rayne jumps over the table and rushes over to the reporter and grabs him by his tie and drags him to the stage and shoves his face to the microphone...


    camera and phones swarm the stage as she mushes the reporter's mouth to the microphone unable to say a word. She turn him around holding him now by the shirt

    Rayne: You know what all of you want me to talk!...ok....then shut up and listen! I don't care about what I did at the Interview! She disrespected me just like what you did just now...So her and GNN should be happy..NO!...should be BLESSED!! that it did not get any worse! As for you, you don't deserve a chance!!!

    Rayne throws the reporter over the table crashing on the rest of the audience

    Rayne: Now for all you people here...I am not worrying about GNN..Tomorrow night I am going to once again destroy the life that is T-wolf...He walks around with this new found darkness and have been a shock to the GWA Multiverse! But I realize that I brought that out of him...I finally did something no one else could do for a very long time and that is reach Wolf's limit! And I am craving to face him in that ring in a Last person Match...So I ask for all of you to tune in to sit down and watch a Tragedy....there will be blood...there will be torture..and there will be PAIN! Wolf, you and me will go to war...but I will make sure you are down and stay down! And I will walk away still Intergalactic Champion...because no matter who you are or what you do.....RAYNE IS BETTER THAN YOU!!!

    Rayne slaps the mic away from here and leaves the room as the camera views the fallen reporters gathering themselves off the ground.

    camera fades out..

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