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    Post  Zip Logan on Sat Mar 21, 2015 9:46 pm

    *The camera fades in from black, and it pans around the throne room of Zip Logan. He is seen standing, leaning on his desk with the Galactic Championship around his waist. He smiles evily at the camera. He motions it closer.*

    Zip: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the final Tuesday Night Evolution before Into Infinity III. I wanted to start the show off with the view of what a real Galactic Champion looks like. The rest of the men in the Elimnation Chamber, including my fellow members of Revolution, are not true champions. I can guaruntee you that one of the members of Revolution will be walking out of the Chamber with the Galactic Title around their waist. I am sorry to be so harsh about the reality of the situation, however, after all of these years, I have proven that I am the only one truly worthy of holding this title. i was the first ever Galactic Champion, and I am now the Sole Owner and General Manager of the Galactic Wrestling Alliance. I have proven over the years that I have the cunning, guts, and determation to do whatever it takes to get what I want. There is a reason why I am the leader of Revolution, and I did what no one could ever do in the past, I tamed the great T-Wolf and forced him to join us. Now, yes, he has gone a little crazy recently, but it will be good for him to let loose again.

    *Zip steps away from his desk, turns around, and grabs a piece of paper. He turns back towards the camera.*

    Zip: Now this piece of paper is the official entry order for the Elimnation Chamber. I will not show it to anyone because that would ruin the suprise of next week. However, onto more important matters, tonight, I team with my oldest friend in Revolution, Sage, in a match against Shawn Vincent and Carter Bilbobaggypants. Gentlemen, you have fought various members of Revolution over the past several weeks, but tonight, you go against the two original members of the Platinum Standard. Tonight, we show you two yahoos, and the whole world why we are the best, and we are the only ones worthy of being called Revolution. And that is all I have to say about that.

    *Zip crumbles up the piece of paper, and throws it behind him. He steps past the camera towards the front door. He opens it up, and steps outside, but turns back to the camera.*

    Zip: Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we have a helluva show. Cornelius T Rupert Jr & Paul North Vs Executioner of Anarchy & Triggers Jr to start the night off, then Chris "Action" Jackson & Inferno Blaze Vs Sir Smeagol & Chris Darth. Then we have the other two members of Revolution, T-Wolf & Justin Time Vs the Current InterGalatic Champion, Rayne & Dustin Slone. The fouth match in the Best of 5 series, which is a Last Blood Match, Carnage Vs Corrupt. Jack Ammo Vs Celtic Dragon, and then the match I have been raving about, which is the main event, Sage & Zip Logan Vs Shawn Vincent & Carter Bilodeau. With that being said, ladies and gentlemen, I must get ready for my match. So enjoy the evening, and I will see you near the end of the night.

    *Zip slams the door as the camera fades to black*

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