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    I will end him...before he ends himself

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    I will end him...before he ends himself Empty I will end him...before he ends himself

    Post  Vivica Lockhart on Fri Mar 20, 2015 12:59 am

    The camera goes backstage at the main parking entrance as a Limo is seen entering in to the parking lot...it stop and the driver exits the car and goes to the back door and opens the door...the camera zooms in to reveal Rayne with her IG title around her waist...

    Driver: It is an honor to drive you here Rayne

    Rayne looks at the driver with disgust...

    Rayne: Be blessed that I let you live after that comment...you are my driver...not my friend..so dont you ever say my name in your mouth again!!

    Rayne quickly slams the door shut purposely crushing the driver's hand as he screams and yells in pain as she walks away towards the arena door...where she meets Zack Gunn

    ZG: Hey, Can you spare me a few words

    Rayne: Speak!

    Rayne continues to walk through the hallway with Zack not far behind

    ZG: Well after your big interview on GNN in which you explodes and stormed off was one of the biggest watched interview in GNN history and had over 10 million view of YouClip!

    Rayne: If I had punched that stupid reporter in the mouth, it would have been the #1 Interview of all time!...so she is lucky! Besides, after that interview...I just made her Famous!

    ZG: Yes you did...Now, I believe you are aware of the actions of T-Wolf as of late and are you a bit-

    Rayne stop for a moment

    Rayne: What?!....You do think I would even give a crap about T-wolf's actions...I have more important things to worrying about than T-wolf's mid-life crisis! I am the Intergalactic Champion and simply to best Diva in the world. I dont say that about myself like that just because I want to...its because I have proved time after time, week after week that I am the best and everyone in this place and around the world knows it! T-wolf is going to have to deal with again and that might be the reason he is acting insane.. I will make sense of him at the PPV and prove to the world once again that I am without a shadow of a doubt...THE BEST EVER!!

    She grabs zack's chest as to say not to continue

    Rayne: At the PPV, I will end him before...HE ENDS HIMSELF!

    she turns around and swings her title over her shoulder and walks off with her signature strut leaving Zack alone...

    camera fades off

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