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    Post  Samantha Storm on Thu Mar 19, 2015 4:57 pm

    The cameras light up backstage to show Zack Gunn leaning against a wall with microphone in hand, waiting to grab someone walking past for an impromptu, on the spot interview.

    Samantha Storm appears at the top of the corridor looking around at the signs on each door as she passes. As she nears Zack she goes to speak, but he quickly speaks first stopping her in her tracks.

    Zack: "Hey you're that woman that got lost in the car park last week aren't you?"

    Zack starts to laugh as Samantha looks at him rolling her eyes and crossing her arms

    Samantha: "Oh great, the first person I bump in to and it's some imbecile who thinks he's a comedian"

    Zack laughs harder before composing himself slightly

    Zack: "You get lost in a carpark, and I'm the imbecile? Nice one. What are you even doing here, if you're looking for the nearest shoe shop, you're even more lost than you could imagine"

    Samantha: "You're not funny you know"

    Zack: "Actually I really am"

    Samantha: "You're really not"

    Zack: "I really am"

    Samantha: "Oh for pity's sake, what are you? Five years old?"

    Samantha reaches into her bag and pulls out a bottle of water, taking a sip as Zack mutters that he is actually funny

    Samantha: "Can you help me? Or are you just going stand there making wise cracks and being a general donkey?"

    Zack: "Well what is it you need help with little lady?"

    Samantha: "Firstly I really need you to never call me that again, secondly, I could do with some directions please. If it's not too much trouble"

    Zack looks at Samantha like his Christmases have all come at once

    Zack: "You are making this way too easy, let me guess you couldn't park your car either?"

    Samantha sighs clutching her bottle of water tighter rather than smacking Zack in the face like she really wants to

    Zack: "Okay, okay, seriously. If you carry on down this corridor, take the first left, keep going about 100 feet then another left, then immediately right...."

    Zack pauses as Samantha takes a mental note

    Zack: "... then you'll be in the kitchen where you belong. Make me a sandwich while you're there"

    Samantha in the blink of an eye lifts her arm holding the bottle of water dumping the contents on Zack's head, soaking him

    Samantha: "Pig"

    Samantha storms off down the corridor leaving a soggy, annoyed Zack standing staring after her.

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