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    Revelation of a Mysterious Girl (pls. read note)


    Revelation of a Mysterious Girl (pls. read note) Empty Revelation of a Mysterious Girl (pls. read note)

    Post  Guest on Wed Mar 18, 2015 9:28 pm

    (NOTE: This rp must be place after the match between Carnage and Corrupt)

    *Corrupt faints in the ring. Suddenly he try to stand up feebly but in few seconds he stumble as a mysterious girl appears behind him soaked in blood. Then the mysterious girl holds Corrupt's pale hand and helps him to get up. As the mysterious girl help him, Corrupt finally stand up like he was been healed but still soaked with blood and scars

    ?????: Brother, our mother has smiled upon you for your dedication. We love you with all the treasure we've possessed and for that, I'll be accompany you as the embodiment of our mother and your both mind and voice in the behalf.

    Johnny: Wait? Brother?

    Hanz: So that's why she's wondering around the backstage.

    ?????:My name is Seline and I'll be your part of your bones and your soul.

    *Seline put her hand on his scarred body as Corrupt agrees her statement, Then Seline unveiled her face with a doll cloth and buttons stitched on the face.

    Hanz: AHHH!!! She's.........

    Seline: Carnage, Drake. I spoke the words of what will be the outcome of this battle and yet you refuse to heed my words. Now I warn you once again with these laymen words. Your champion, Carnage will bury my brother to get this belt as a sign of your redemption. But mark my words when you done this, you proclaim yourself as the "Essence of Fear" and the "Fear Incarnate" but when you've gain redemption, the thing that you've always desire for the both for you; you will learn what the true "fear" is. But after then, this will make massive chaos. So what it will be? The title you've fighting for or the "fear" that soon be awaken.

    *Another blackout occurs. As the lights went on, Corrupt and Seline disappear from the ring.

    Johnny: Prophetic words from a mysterious girl named Seline

    Hanz: Well, I never though he had a sister

    Johnny: What could be Drake and Carnage's respond?

    Hanz: And more importantly, what will happen if both of them ignore this message?

    Johnny: We never know until next week in the PPV.

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