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    A mysterious girl (part 3)


    A mysterious girl (part 3) Empty A mysterious girl (part 3)

    Post  Guest on Sat Mar 14, 2015 12:45 pm

    *The camera fades in the arena

    Johnny: Welcome back to.....

    *Technical difficulties has occurred as the camera forced to focus on the unknown woman in the hood sitting in the chair holding an old book in her hands.


    Caesar on the peasant robe
    heed thy my voice contain my lore
    for once your rise has been called
    screams of Mandragora will filled with your fall

    Sky peeked at the Venus trap tree
    Magnificent saplings and the fiery sting
    Proud as the gardener's smile and grin
    Ravaged, the impossible, not even pricked

    Distant in the coldest shade of cell
    A Papilionoidea Magna outcasts his shell
    As cold as the mouth of the melt
    The pallet of the wings, the great twig must fret

    Soon his tottering frame shall be bring
    into a shell where once an arm of Persephone
    on the same period, a tree will bring an offspring
    that only murks with pride and victory

    A gardener's final act, an obsequy of glee
    the creator of all things in a red seed
    his Gala is bounty and his morass free
    coaxed, Yes! But among him is a Banshee

    Respite of the embryo is nigh
    as the moonlight beam on the night
    as faster as the speed of light
    nuzzled in tree, rising the faux life

    A tree and the gardener in the mask of doll
    rimmed by an erratic creature soul
    conjured with a reflection into the dawn
    sans the taste of moaning mourn

    A fallen tree constricted with a fool
    scapegoated and humiliated like a mule
    a fruit that flowers it, never be lured
    with the branches groped into a tomb

    In the fragments of the Magnum Opum
    let it sing by a black nightingale
    the hero who is a worm that is pale
    his mimes been struck by the Great Gale


    *Suddenly the camera fades back to the ring

    Hanz: It's that girl again!

    Johnny: I wondered who's that girl is. She's been wondering in the backstage for two weeks. What's her business?

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