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    Post  Shawn Vincent on Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:58 am

    We come back from commercial to see Ben Saltine outside Shawn Vincent's office. We can hear grunts and groans coming from the office through the door which is slightly ajar.  

    Ben: Welcome back to TNE, GWA Universe!  Last week saw a series of matches that would impact the main event at Into Infinity III.  My guest at this time came out on the short end of the stick, losing his match, causing him to be the first entrant into the Elimination Chamber.  Let's take a look at how the match ended last week.

    The video rolls from last week, showing the horrific submission applied by T-Wolf and his unwillingness to release the hold until multiple people had to break it.  The last image is of a battered Vincent laying in the ring being checked out by the staff.

    Ben: Now let's go inside and talk to the "Enforcer" himself.

    Ben walks into the office, followed by the camera.  We see Vincent sitting on a training table, both shoulders are heavily bandaged.  Stacy is finishing tightening up the last bandage.  

    SV: Welcome, Ben.  And of course, welcome to our great fans.  

    Ben: Thanks for having us, Shawn.  First question: How are you feeling tonight?

    SV: Well, Ben, not all that great.  As you can clearly see, I am all taped up from the hellacious beating I took at the hands of my friend T-Wolf.

    Ben: That you did.  What did you think of his apology earlier?

    SV: I got in touch with him after his apology and we chatted a bit.  I forgave him, but as he said himself, he is on a slippery slope right now.  I've seen the other side of him long ago.  If he falls off that precipice, Zip Logan will seem like a gnat compared to the devastation that Wolf can create.  I can only hope Tiffayn can help keep him focused.

    Ben: I think we all hope he keeps it on the straight and narrow.  Now, as a result of that loss, you are now the first entrant into the Elimination Chamber match at Into Infinity III.  What are your thoughts on that?

    SV: Well, all I can do is prepare and show everyone that entering last or first, won't matter in the end when I emerge the new Galactic Champion!

    Ben: Well, if anyone can do it, I'd bet on you, Shawn.  Now tonight, you and Carter Bilodeau take on Zip Logan and Jack Ammo of Revolution.  You have to think that Zi and Jack will be gunning for you hardcore.

    SV: That they will.  Carter, I apologize ahead of time.  I will be far from 100% tonight, putting us at a severe disadvantage.  I will give you everything I have in hopes we can come out victorious.  I fully expect though, that Zip and Jack will looking to permanently put me out of commission so I can't make the PPV.  I hope to not just win tonight, but come out of the ring in one piece so that I can continue on and have my chance at the gold!

    Ben: And we most certainly wish you all the best, Shawn!  Thanks for your time as always!

    SV: Thank you, Ben.  Folks, I'll see you all in a few!

    Ben: Thanks, Shawn!  Fans, we'll be right back to Tuesday Night Evolution after these fabulous commercial messages!

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