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    Post  celticdragon87 on Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:49 pm

    A highlight video plays, showing Sage's announcement from earlier in the night, issuing a stipulation for his match tonight against Celtic Dragon.

    The camera focuses in on one sentence in particular

    Sage: If I win tonight's match Celtic Dragon. You face Justin Time next week for your spot in the chamber.... If I lose tonight's match, I will trade you my number six spot for the chamber match for what ever number you get.

    The camera slowly pans out and cuts to the commentary team.

    Johnny: I know it's early in the season, but there has already been plenty of twists and turns so far, with many more to come.

    Hanz: I completely agree Hanz!

    Johnny: Potentially the biggest twist en route to this seasons pay-per-view is Sages's announcement earlier on tonight. His proposition is a hard one for Celtic Dragon to refuse, but there is no reward without risk.

    Unstoppable by Charm City Devils plays through the PA, as Celtic Dragon makes his way out onto the stage.

    Johnny: I guess we won't have to wait much longer for his answer!

    Hanz: it will be interesting to see what he decides!

    Johnny: It's not a straightforward decision.

    The camera cuts back to Celtic who is now in the ring with a mic in hand, his music stops playing.

    CD: I could come down here and play out the usual cliches of how last week I was unlucky not to set the fastest time in the beat the clock challenge.

    CD: Or boast about how i wiped the ring floor with the Executioner of Anarchy, but right now that wouldn't change anything going forward.

    CD: The fact is this, right now, Sage

    The crowd jeers his name being mentioned.

    CD: Sage has the quickest time on record for last week, which means he officially enters the elimination chamber last, something that stacks the deck slightly in his favour, but also something he earned, that part cant be denied.

    Celtic paces back and over for a few seconds, gathering his thoughts.

    CD: Sage made a very interesting offer earlier tonight, to put his number six spot on the line in the chamber match if I win, in return, if I lose i will have to go one on one with Justin Time next week, with the winner taking the spot that is currently mine.

    CD: There is a big risk involved however, for example, if I go for it and win, then yeah, it's great. If I go for it and lose, and lose to Justin, then not only will my chance at regaining the Galctic Title pass me by, but there will be five more people ahead of me in the queue, which means it could be a very long time before I get another shot at it again.

    CD: Then theres another way things could go, if I don't take the gamble, and stick to my guns, I might draw number two, I might draw number five, but one thing that would be a definite, is that I will be in the chamber match.

    CD: In wrestling, there is no easy path, no guarantees-

    Undead by Hollywood Undead interrupts Celtic Dragon mid sentence, as Justin Time makes his way out onto the stage with a mic in hand. He walks half way down the ramp and sits down in the centre of it. His music cuts.

    Johnny: I wonder what he's doing out here!?

    Hanz: Man, he's sitting down on the job!

    Johnny: Knowing Justin the way we do, I'd say he's here to play mind games.

    JT: I just wanted to make my way down here and see it for myself, but not only can I see it, I can also smell it!

    JT: Thats right, I can see the fear in your eyes, and you reek of it. You know, just like all the sheep in attendance, that you got lucky in our ladder match, things broke your way, like they have done quite a few times in your career.

    JT: I'm not complaining, every one needs a bit of luck here and there, but at this stage it's ridiculous! You know as well as I do, that if you go one on one tonight with Sage, you will lose! Not only that, but next week, one on one with me, you would lose again, and I would be heading into the chamber instead of you!

    CD: Really, you can smell the stench of fear on me? The only think that stinks around here is the verbal diarrhoea that is flying out your mouth!

    JT: I'll tell ya what, as a little sweetener for ya, if you go for it tonight, and lose, I will let you pick our match type for next week!

    CD: Wow, you would do that for me?

    JT: Sure thing "pal". I know I can beat you, i just need the opportunity!

    CD: Too bad you are not going to get it!

    JT: I always knew you were a coward, i Just didn't know how big a one you are-

    CD: I haven't finished yet! I'll accept your offer for next week, if I lose tonight, i'll pick our match type for next week, however....

    CD: You wont get that chance Justin, as tonight, I'm going to beat the snot out of your mentor, take spot number six in the chamber match, and go on to reclaim the Galactic Title as my own again, and there isn't a thing you can do about that!

    Celtic Dragon drops his mic, making a loud thud noise echo through the arena, as he and Justin begin to stare each other down.

    Johnny: it looks like we have another twist coming our way, one way or another!

    Hanz: It sure does johnny!

    Johnny: We could have a new number six, things stay the same after an extra match of Celtic's choosing, or a new man entering the chamber in Celtic's place!

    Johnny: one thing is for sure, you dont want to miss Sage versus Celtic Dragon!

    Both commentators talk back and forth as the camera cuts to a commercial break.

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