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    Crimson and Clover part I


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    Crimson and Clover part I Empty Crimson and Clover part I

    Post  T-Wolf on Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:02 pm

    The camera fades in on T-Wolf backstage in a private locker room. The lights are very dim and he is sitting in the corner of the room on the floor.

    T-Wolf: Last week I hurt a good friend of mine. And I am truly sorry for that. Shawn I hope I have not hurt your chance for the chamber.

    He lowers his head and pulls his hood over it.

    T-Wolf: Every day I fight to keep the beast within me buried. Some days it’s harder than others.  I have tried day in and day out to fight for the light. Even though my soul beckons for the coldness of the darkness. The light burns my skin and sets my blood to boil every second that I stand with in it. The beast within my body scratches and tears at my insides trying to claw its way out. So that it can feast on the souls of the fallen at its feet.

    He pauses and lets out a small breath of air.

    T-Wolf: See I was born to the darkness Rayne. And the hardest thing I ever have to do is stay in the light. But it seems the longer that I have been absorbed by Revolution. Standing with them on as their slave, has weakened me. The light that I use to stand for is no longer as bright. It has lost its shimmer and shine. Zip Logan probably knew this when he forced me to become a member of Revolution that I would sooner or later fall prey to my inner demons and become the monster I once was…. The monster I was when we first met oh so long ago. The monster that my dear friend Inferno Blaze used to his advantage. I know Zip is a long game type of guy. He is way smarter than people give him credit for. But there is one thing Zip forgets about……

    T-Wolf raises his head and from the shadows you can see his normally green eyes are now blood red.

    T-Wolf: Zip forgets that not even Inferno could control that monster for long.

    T-Wolf lowers his head back down and the camera fades to black.

    Johnny= I don’t know what to say? I know Wolf has had anger issues in the past. But what he did last week was just….

    Hanz= Johnny I have been here since the start of the GWA. I recall those days when Wolf was working for Inferno Blaze. And I had hoped never to see them again.

    Johnny= Lets just hope then that Wolf can grab control back of his inner demons.

    Hanz= I guess we will see here tonight if he is him or the monster?

    Johnny=  Maybe Revolution will finally allow Wolf to leave them?

    Hanz= How do we know this isn't what Zip has been wanting all along?

    Johnny= Very true statement as Wolf stated Zip Logan is the master of the game. He plans out things far into the future. Making up plans upon plans upon plans in case one fails.

    Hanz= And that right there is why Zip Logan is the Alpha and the Omega. And how he got to where he is today. The Sole owner and general manager of the GWA.

    Crimson and Clover part I W2

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