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    Post  Sage on Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:53 am

    The tron lights up with images of Sage on the realty tv show The Bachlor. Sage is handing out flowers and going to dinner with several of the ladies. Then the tron fades to Sage inside the Revolution locker room.

    Sage= Hello GWA. What you have just saw was some clips from the upcoming season of the reality tv show The Bachlor. Which stars me, Sage!

    He gives of a glowing smile.

    Sage= Now I cant tell you who I ended up with. or any of the details yet. But, lets just say that I have been told by the producers that is the best season yet. Thats probly because there is not another star out there that can match my draw or Charisma.

    The door opens behind Sage and his hollywood manager walks in. She is on the phone as she walks over to the bar. Sage turns his gaze back to the camera.

    Sage= And as I fortold. This was just the stepping stone to my stardom in Hollywood! I have already been aproached by CSI, Law And Order, and even more importantly I have been asked to be a guest on the Tonight show! As I have been saying for years. It truly is the Age Of Sage!

    He turns and walks back towards the bar. He walks behind it and starts to pour himself a drink. His manager hangs up the phone.

    Manager= Everything is all lined up boss.

    Sage= Good to hear. Now on to the person I am facing tonight... It doesnt matter what his name is or what he has done. He is nothing compared to me. I will not only beat him to an inch of his life here tonight. But I plan to pick up the win quick so that I can get the number six spot in the chamber. So that I can personaly make sure that the Galactic Title stays in Revolution.

    Manager= Sir I have lined up the interviews for the personal staff you have asked for.

    Sage pauses to look at his manager.

    Sage= Where you able to get the personal chef?

    Manager= Yes he is a master chef in all quzine.

    Sage= And the hair dresser?

    Manager= Just like you asked, we got her from hollywood. A lot of famous actors are very upset that you stole her away to be just your personal stylist.

    Sage= Who cares what those hacks cry about. I am way more important than any of them.

    Manager= The rest of the staff will be set up to be interviewed for you tomorow.

    Sage= Good. Cause I want only the best as I ascend to the stars.

    Manager= Yes sir.

    Sage= Now its time for my spa treatment. I want to be totally prepared for my match later tonight.

    Sage walks over to the door and heads towards the back of the Revolution locker room as the camera fades to black.

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